Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Musings concerning correspondences


A correspondence is something that is a close similarity, connection or equivalence to something else. Some witches and magickal practitioner will insist that correspondences are vital and must always be considered when spell casting however I tend to disagree. Yes, they can be very helpful with the stimulation of mental focus but in my opinion they are not a necessity. If a witch is successful in manifesting her or his intention without the use of correspondences then why would anyone desire to complicate things?


Since everything holds an energetic signature, I find that correspondences aid in the alignment of a spell’s intention or goal. If I am casting a spell with the intention of manifesting prosperity then I find it is beneficial to use correspondences that I feel also hold the energetic signature of prosperity because they will add more power of the same energy to my original intention and thus carry a stronger frequency. It’s like fine tuning a radio to a particular station. You may be able to pick up the signal of 107.1 WFHN when the radio dial reads 106 but the closer you move the dial to 107.1 the stronger the signal is and the clearer the music sounds.


correspondences are usually found listed in tables or charts in books discussing magick and the occult as well as online. These charts are simple tools to use, which make them quite popular. If you were, right now, to do a quick search online you would discover that there are correspondences for: days of the week, lunar phases, elements, colors, herbs, stones, crystals, oils, animals, symbols, planets, numbers and probably other topics, however don’t be surprised to find some contradicting information. Different witches and practitioners will assign correspondences based on their own beliefs and experiences. Everything is up to the individual’s interpretation and understanding of the energy held within the particular day, element, color, and so forth. You may also find that there is some majority consensus, too. I believe it is important for the individual witch to discover his or her own personal correspondences regardless of what a well-known author may dictate as the ‘traditional’ correspondence. While there is innate power in using something that has been known to hold a particular energetic vibration this power won’t be of assistance to you if you just do not resonate with it and forcing yourself to believe or accept the ‘traditional’ correspondence – is really just trying to fool yourself. Don’t bother wasting the energy because your personal vibration won’t align with it. It is more beneficial to work with your own correspondences. Trust me, it your spell casting will be more successful.


As above, so below” is a basic metaphysical principle, which means that everything in the Universe is connected, that the macrocosm influences the microcosm. Nothing is truly separate or distinct. Everything is connected. There is an intimate relationship between the physical and non-physical planes of existence. Everything manifested here on the physical is also found energetically on the non-physical, which is why correspondences can be so very helpful in aligning with our intention. It is important to understand that a non-physical energetic vibration may not exactly mirror its reflection on the physical plane. For example, the energetic vibration of knowledge manifests on the physical plane as words and numbers but can also manifest as light; for it is light that reveals what is held in darkness. Wisdom enlightens the mind as light dilates the pupil allowing light to enter the brain thus illuminating the mind with knowledge.


Determining your own correspondences can be fun. And if you are a witch or magickal practitioner who finds the use of correspondences aids in the successful manifestation of your intention then don’t be afraid to use as many or as few as you feel guided to. Spell casting and intention manifesting is a personal practice.