Connecting With Nature

Daily Rituals

Our daily habits determine how successful we are in life and who we become. What we put into our minds determines our outlook on life. To help me grow and be positive there are some things I try to do every day. Those are:

Be grateful – when you first wake up in the morning, think of some things that you are grateful for such as your family, friends, job (it may not be the one you want but many people don’t have one), your health, your favourite food or treat, etc. If you have difficulty with this, start with small things and you will be surprised how much you can think of. Do this again before you go to bed.

Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast. It can be a hard boiled egg and oatmeal, a nutrient packed smoothie or one of your other favourite foods.

Stretch – it helps increase circulation, energy and flexibility.

Be positive – like attracts like. If your negative all the time it’s just going to attract more negative situations to you. Be positive and you will attract more good things.

Meditate and/or reflect. Find time to sit quietly without interruption. Use some of this time for self reflection.

Compliment people. We hear so much negative in the world and most people are self-conscious about something. Make people feel good about themselves and make them feel important.

Read 15-20 minutes a day from a book that is positive and motivating. Try ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, ‘Positive Personality Profiles’ by Robert Rohm, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman or anything by Les Brown or Zig Ziglar. They are amazing books!


The key to building great relationships is the depth of your conversations.
~Terry Gogna

You’re more powerful than your circumstances. You’re more powerful than the things that happen to you!
~Les Brown

We become like the people we hang around the most. Surround yourself with positive people!
~Zig Ziglar