Nelland Living


This invention of mine has made my life much easier and handier. (I love everything easy and handy, does that make me lazy…?)

A handbag that contains another handbag. For years I have searched for the perfect handbag. Tried all shapes, sizes and combinations, and never been fully satisfied. Until now. With my new Scandinavian styled, clean and sleek, faux leather mates:


Literally a bag-in-a-bag. The point is simple: when on the move, heading to town to run errands, first I only need to carry “one” handbag. The smaller inside the bigger one.




In the big one I place stuff I need to have with me, but don´t necessarily use each time. Things like extra shopping bags (self-made fabric ones), pen and paper, a tiny flashlight, tissues, etc.
In the small one goes the important things: keys, phone, wallet, lipbalm, glucose pastilles for my son´s diabetes, and one shopping bag.




I live in the country side, so I need my car to get to places. Usually I leave the bigger bag in the trunk of my car, and take only the small one with me to the store/post office/library etc.

As I gather the necessary bits and pieces, I throw them in to the bigger bag and am free from the fuss of having a gazillion little plastic bags swimming around the trunk! Cool.




This pair of handbags I designed especially to go with my off-day clothes. I call them my “Freedom Collection”, because when wearing them I consider myself “blending in” with the rest of the folk. That way I am free from the judging eye, and can walk around freely without raising any interest or suspicion (which often happens when I wear outfits from my more artistic collections, named and themed after each sabbat). Black & white striped tunic and Living The Dream- shirt are good examples of what I wear when running around with these handbags.




The bags are fully lined with cotton fabric




One with horizontal- and the other with vertical stripes. I used the same fabric, but turned it around to add detail.






Simple snap fasteners keep the treasures in.

A friend of mine already asked for instructions for these bags. I suggested she piled up all the stuff she always carries with her, divides them into two different stacks, and freely eyeballs the measures she needs for her bags. Mine are approx. the small: 3×9.5×6.7 inches (8x24x17cm) and the big: 4.3×13.8×10 inches (11x35x25cm).
Now I feel much more organized and in control. Great!