My First Pagan Pages Anniversary

Like most Pagans, I journal quite a bit.  My private journal is a transcription of my thoughts, my dreams, and the lessons I want to remember, written to myself as the sole audience in a form and media that works for me.  Writing for an audience, like something of a public journal, is different.  Although I had an idea of what it would be like to have a column – I’ve had a public blog for several years – there were aspects I didn’t expect.

When I first started this column I knew it would help me grow in my practice and it truly has.  My intention has been to write about my experiences so that others new to Paganism know they aren’t alone and to provide information that I’ve found and how it has helped me.  So far I feel I’ve done this.  However, writing this column is harder than I thought it would be.  I knew it would be challenging but I didn’t realize just how much so.  I certainly didn’t know what it would be like to write for someone else.

For example, this is the first time since I was in school that I’ve had to write on a schedule.  My personal blog gets written when it does (and not a moment before, as they say).  Having a deadline adds an interesting wrinkle to my writing process, and, at times, it rushes me along.  This is good, though, because otherwise some of the articles I’ve written may never have been published at all.  I spent so much time re-reading them, changing the wording, and moving a sections around, that sometimes the deadline is the only thing that allowed me to turn them in and let it go.  I’ve also never had an editor – someone who will review what I’ve written before publication.  Again, on my blog, I just post what I write – I’m the writer and the editor.  If I don’t like something I just change it or take it down completely.  I was extremely nervous for the first few articles but it turns out I have a wonderful editor who has given me great advice and encouragement.

I also put pressure on myself to try and make sure that I write something other Pagans will find interesting.  Some topics were easy for me to choose and were easy to write.  Others were very personal for me.  I didn’t realize how difficult they would be until I was actually writing them.

I’ve been writing this column for Pagan Pages for about a year now.  I hope to have another year writing and I hope people find the topics interesting.  I never know just how many people actually read my column but I like to think that someone, somewhere, has found something that helps them on their own path.  I know I’ve enjoyed Pagan Pages since I took my first steps just a few years ago. 

I like writing, and I enjoy being part of such a great e-magazine.  The signpost for me is something I learned growing up: sometimes the most rewarding things in life are those we enjoy putting our efforts into, our “labors of love”.

Thank you for reading.

What are you interested in over the next twelve months?  What have you struggled with?  What can you share with our community?