Across the Great Divide





“All Good Things…”



I sit outside with our dog, feeling the inviting rays of the Sun upon my back, enjoying the crisp air as I type this; and the feeling turns bittersweet. Gone are the long, dark nights of winter as the stirrings of spring harken warmer and sunnier days and the flora and fauna are returning in a triumphant display of color and vibrancy of life’s ever-turning wheel. I suppose that it is fitting that our lives, too, change with the seasons.
What I have accomplished has led me to a wonderful opportunity and I have reached a point where my personal and creative endeavors are at a crossroads. I am pleased to share that I have been granted a role in the upcoming film Aladdin 3477. Additionally, my other writing projects have moved up to the next level and I am both excited and exhausted as I juggle the responsibilities of daily and professional life.
Over the last several months I have contemplated what is to come in the next chapter of my life.
I began this column in the fall of 2009 and every month since I have been honored and blessed to share and discuss with you all a common love and interest in all things paranormal.
I have had many wonderful and thought-provoking discussions on these subjects with fans and friends alike, but, sadly, the time has come for me to say goodbye and put my full attention on other projects that I have put off for far too long.
I want to extend heartfelt gratitude for sharing in this journey as we walked across the great divide into the realms of the unknown. Know that I do not come to this decision carelessly or thoughtlessly. I consider myself truly grateful to have been part of the Pagan Pages family for these many years and to share my knowledge of and experiences in paranormal research.
I hope you learned from me as much as I have from each of you and take that knowledge with you along your personal, spiritual, and academic paths. Always remember that it is on those rare moments when these three paths cross that true wisdom and awakening occur.
Again, thank you and blessed be.




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