Renee’s Thoughts Worth Catching

As Seen In — Nature

Trees with roots and leaves are Nature’s bonuses
Trees are cyclical in nature and to be counted on
Trees are able to provide stability

They exude resilience and a strength
They offer a place to play in safety
They always turn, keeping things in movement

As a garden will run smoothly and is effective
As a garden gives back just as much will be given
As a garden it offers true and clear directions

Even if the trees stopped it all today
Even if they stopped providing the gifts
Even after all of this, I would be thankful

If those gardens went out of existence
If the leaves stopped their growth fell down
If it just all gave out, all I would feel is gratitude

Because in this Life, at this moment, and in this place
I am where I can learn and move ahead steady and slow
And the trees and the gardens are my bonuses