Astro Report for December 2014

Uranus still Retrograde in Aries – 12 degrees

Uranus is that Planet that hates to be confined. It is known as the “break out” Planet for that reason. Retrograde Uranus can be responsible, more traditional and relaxed. As Uranus goes Retrograde in Aries, there is a feeling of enthusiasm and courage to take responsibility. It is not a time to worry about what others think about you. Do your own thing at your own pace and life will be grand. Uranus goes direct this month on December 21st in Aries – 12 degrees.



Mars enters Aquarius

Thursday, December 4, 20147:10 pm EST

The Planet of action transits towards independence. There is determination to make this a day supercharged. When Mars enters Aquarius, note that actions can become superficial and impractical, but adaptive. Fix the damage the best you can at the moment and move on with life. There will be time later to make proper corrections.



Full Moon in Gemini – 14 degrees

Saturday, December 6, 20147:26 am EST

The pull of the Sun’s gravity in exact opposition to the Moon’s pull can wreak havoc on the Earth. A Full Moon simply means that the Moon, Earth and Sun are in alignment, making such a force of gravity even stronger. Emotionally, it can wreak just as much havoc on people that it physically does on the Earth. Full Moons produce feelings of confrontations, where two sides oppose each other. Having the Moon in Gemini can have a dualistic charm – saying one thing and meaning another. Compromise can be the order of the day, but write it all down.


Native Lore

The Full Moon names include Cold Nights Moon or Long Nights Moon. The winter is settling in and the nights are frigid-cold and long. Animals that hibernate thru the winter are in their dwellings snoozing away. It is a time for repose and settling in for a long winter’s “nap”.



Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius – 16 degrees

Monday, December 8, 20144:21 am EST

The Planet of Communication joins forces with the Sun, a Planet of personality. This can lead to egotism, if you’re not careful. When this happens in Sagittarius, the effects can be that you have the potential to say something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t normally say, but it was what everybody else was thinking – you were the only person “brave” enough to say it. Be careful about putting your proverbial foot in mouth this month.



Jupiter goes Retrograde in Leo – 22 degrees

Tuesday, December 9, 20144:37 pm EST

When the grandiose Planet of blowing things out of proportion goes Retrograde, the ability to erupt ill feelings at home can still be potential, if you’re not careful. Family matters most in life, so take care to enjoy the time you have. Find time and energy to have fun. Avoid the pessimism that can occupy Jupiter’s Retrograde. Jupiter goes Direct on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 – 8:08 am EDT.



Venus enters Capricorn

Wednesday, December 10, 201411:25 am EST

Hedonistic tendencies tend to be more cautious. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. It will be easy to remain flirtatious, but find a way to express yourself with an amount of practicality. Innuendos can be a blessing in disguise!



T-Square Configuration (Cardinal)

Monday, December 15, 201411:00 pm EST

A T-Square Configuration is when there are three Planets aligned – two in opposition and one at 90 degrees to the other two. Retrograde Uranus is in opposition to the Moon causing a hard aspect, which confronts and conflicts the two energies. Emotions are opposing any attempt to hold back from adventure. Pluto tries to challenge these aspects further by contesting any transformation of emotions or refuted adventure. What does this mean in simple terms? When you feel the urge to go out, don’t allow your emotions to take charge. Figure out what you need to do by analyzing your motives. Once you set the pace, keep going and don’t look back regardless of the tension and pressure.


Mercury enters Capricorn

Tuesday, December 16, 201410:39 pm EST

The Planet of Communication will enter the holiday season with an air of caution. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what’s important, but measure your words. Be sure to express yourself with foundation or you will be ripped out from under your feet wondering what happened? Where Mercury also rules minor health issues, prevent colds and the flu with caution.



Wheel of Year info – Yule

Sun in Sagittarius – 29 degrees

Sunday, December 21, 20147:32 am EST (sunrise)

Names: Midwinter, Yule, Cuidle, Winter Solstice, Alban Arthan, Wren Day, Winter Rite, Mother’s Night, G?yl Galan Gaeaf (Welsh)

Date: Dec 21st (shortest day of Solar Year/waxing half begins)

Astro Correspondence: Sun enters Capricorn (first day of Winter)
Color: reds and greens OR silvers and golds

Food: pork, lamb, turkey, fruitcakes, nuts, herbal teas, cakes/pies, citrus fruits (to avoid the scurvy), potato dishes, wine, eggnog

Common Info: Can celebrate Saturnalia – Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Battle of Oak/Holly Kings (Oak wins), first Sabbat of Solar Year, Yule trees, Santa Claus (Kris Kringle) and Father Christmas are the Lords of the Holiday, reindeer vs Horned God, Sun’s (Son’s) (re)birth,


Alban Arthan (Midwinter or Yule) is the Celtic rebirth of the Sun. The date is usually around December 21st, when the Sun enters Capricorn. It marks the shortest day of the Solar Year. It is the Winter Solstice. Solstice stems from a druidic word meaning “time stands still”. The Sabbat represents life and new promises. It is also known as Wren Day in some parts of Ireland. Cernunnos and Mabon are the celebrated Gods, which makes this Sabbat very male-oriented. Yule logs are burned and Yule trees are decorated. Kissing under the mistletoe is custom along with bell ringing and overnight Fire Vigils. Sacred foods to this Sabbat include white wines, cakes, bitter herbs, mints and Juniper Mead (aka Gin). Celebrating the new Sun (New Solar Year), the giving of gifts and establishing resolutions were typical holiday themes. (Resolutions were initiated and considered at Samhain during the Dark Times.)

Santa Claus has several origins of thought. As St Nicholas, he was a poor priest in Spain, who loved children so much he would make them gifts by hand and give them as gifts on the doorsteps at Yule. Nordic legends call this entity “Winter Spirit” or “Sinter Klaas”, which was anglicized as “Santa Claus”. Legend has him wearing a long, flowing coat of green to represent the “green man”. However, the color red was instituted when Coca-Cola got the idea to use this historical figure and dress him in red – the traditional color for Coca-Cola.



Sun enters Capricorn- Happy Birthday, Capricorn!!

Sunday, December 21, 20145:52 pm EST

Personalities will begin to ground and center with an intention to focus on the self. This is a time for us to look into ourselves to prepare for the New Year’s resolutions. Watch your spending habits. Money is tight right now. Follow your budget and you will be fine.



New Moon in Capricorn

Sunday, December 21, 20148:35 pm EST

Emotional bliss or blah? The New Moon can be a blessing due to the emotional change of pace, but Capricorn can put a stopper on this energy. Emotions offer new hope with practical measures. Be patient with those variable changes that you were expecting. They won’t be swift and sure as you anticipated, but emotional change is due to happen. Those resolutions are still attainable!



Uranus goes Direct in Aries – 12 degrees

Sunday, December 21, 201412:38 pm EST

Progress is about to go headstrong with a squeal! Uranus doesn’t like to be bound by traditional means. It is a “break-out” Planet that bursts with zeal to move towards a greater goal. When Uranus is in Aries, that endeavor is multiplied exponentially. Any project started will push thru with a lot of action behind it. If you consider Resolutions, you find yourself meeting your goals consistently.



Saturn enters Sagittarius

Tuesday, December 23, 20141:51 pm EST

Saturn is a quiet Planet trying to do the right thing consistently – it can induce self-discipline like no other Planet. As it enters Sagittarius, Saturn can say and do things that are out of the ordinary. It is a time to seek adventure and crave experience in all areas of life, but with an air of caution.



Christmas Day in Capricorn – 3 degrees

Thursday, December 25, 20147:34 am EST (sunrise)

Breakfast is going to be a very important part to starting this day. It is going to be a day of super-energy. There are 9 planets within 5 Signs and Houses at sunrise, giving us a very powerful day ahead. Jupiter is the only Planet out of the loop and it is Retrograde. As you begin and go thru the day, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the folks sitting quietly in the corner. They need more attention.



New Year’s Eve in Capricorn – 10 degrees

Wednesday, December 31, 20144:47 pm EST (sunset)

This whole month has been preparing you for this moment. Mars started us off by entering Aquarius with independent action. Jupiter went Retrograde in Leo challenging us with pessimism and blowing things out of proportion – but we persevere. The inner Planet Team of Venus and Mercury joined forces with Capricorn to promote caution in love and communication. The Sun’s personal endeavor gives us a sense of ambitious practicality. A New Moon in Capricorn helped to ease our emotions and keep them in check. And finally, the break out Planet, Uranus went direct and to allow us to venture forward in our endeavors. With Resolutions bearing down on us on the New Year, it would seem that whatever you decide as a New Year’s Resolution, make it one that you are able to attain easily. Be gentle with yourself and others.