NATURE ALCHEMY ~ A Journey to Yourself

~ Gift of Harmony ~

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless, but all together perfume the air. ~ Georges Bernanos

This is a journey into the Gift of Harmony, a state of natural balance with all life…and yourself…deep within the Universal Soul, of which you are a cherished and intimate part. Allow yourself to go on this inner journey…into the Spirit of your Beautiful Infinite Self. For here is where you shall find your Truth.

Begin by getting comfortable. Find a space that feels at ease with your body, and allow yourself to get into a soft state of relaxation. Take some deep, healing, cleansing breaths…gently inhale and exhale…slowly and deeply…in and out…until you feel rested to begin your inward journey. …imagine that with each breath, you begin to relax and release tension…let your breath flow freely, following its natural rhythm, and feel the gentle movement of your chest and abdomen…as you inhale and exhale, your mind can become quiet and still…with each breath, allow yourself to relax more deeply, and become more comfortable…now invite your body to rest, supported by the surface around it…There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing to figure out, nothing to decide. Just let it all go…let your mind release all the ties that bind…just for now. You are just here…right now…in this gentle state of rest, and it is good…it is peaceful…it is soothing. Let yourself soften into this quiet space.

Allow the gentle opening of your Divine Gift of Imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool which can guide you into the transformation of Self. Imagination is your spiritual inheritance which can touch into the heavenly realms – a portal into worlds within and without – a safe place to explore and discover…to grow and embrace yourself, and the beauty of all life.


Imagine being in a vibrant meadow so beautiful, and filled with so much color and light, that it takes your breath away in exhilaration! Vibrant flowers in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors blush, surrounding you with the essence of sweet love and joy. Bobbing their bright little sun-filled faces in the soft, fragrant breeze enfolds you in the spirit of surrounding joy.
As you look around the panorama view of earthly delights, you can see a meandering stream undulating and sparkling with life. You can hear the rustlings of endearing little creatures nesting and foraging above and below. The verdant bushes and trees wave with the welcome of love. Life is teeming with Living Spirit! Here, within the midst of such splendor, the divine heart of harmony dwells.
As you are an intimate and cherished part of Nature, so you may also partake in this Gift of Harmony. All your senses become perfectly balanced within this field of tranquility. Meadow Sweet speaks, with all its lovely unity of diversity flowing effortlessly, wave upon wave of beauty and peace…


As you rest within my world,
I embrace your soul with harmony…
The very essence of natural life.
Above, beneath, and within all that you perceive –
Your divine inheritance is to sight-see.
The illusions of unrest that you feel
Move anxiously in lower vibrations.
Raise yourself higher…
Into the infinite fountain of your deepest Wellspring.
For within my spirit of harmony, you may find yourself in me.
Where you are thus blessed, and always will be.

Meadow Sweet is life’s vale where the peace that passeth all understanding perpetually dwells. The divine balance of all elements blends in perfection, untouched. All diversity is hailed as nurturing and unifying to one another – the sacredness of life. In this natural state, your sweet soul eternally rests, and through your creative divine will you may flow within this inherent state of harmony. Meadow Sweet is an outward physical manifestation to serve in this understanding. Oh Yes, Blessed Be!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving to this Divine Being:

As I walk in the enchantment of Meadow Sweet,
My soul cries out in pure delight!
For I am reminded of the Stream of Well Being,
Forever flowing within all.
I am brought to this heavenly place to remember…
The Authentic, the Genuine, the Unchanging,
The existent Power of all.
I am at Peace.
Life flows through an agreement of symmetry,
Whether I remember or not.
And here, I am enfolded into the Perfection.
I thank you O Meadow Sweet, for your Great Gift of Harmony.

~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~