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Consecrating Objects

Anything you purchase will have been handled by other people and will have traces of their energies on it. This especially applied to anything second-hand. Second-hand items could have been used for any number of purchases, including dark magic. Anything you tend to use magically will need previous energies removed. There are a large number of ways you can consecrate and cleanse and item. Some ways will work well with certain objects and not with others. Of course there are other ways that may be more convenient for you and also, the resources you have will also play a part. You should always follow what you feel is right and what you think will connect that object to you, or your purpose in the best way. I personally prefer to do most of my cleansing and consecrating outdoors if I can, of course, I live in Canada, so it’s a lot harder to do that during the winter. Sometimes you may want the sun or moon to shine down on it, as I do. I have various methods listed below, and feel free to take any of them, and make them your own.

An item could be a candle, a talisman, a crystal, or any number of things. When someone else comes to you for help with magic, it can sometimes be helpful if they bring an object they are connected to as it will link them to the magic. In these cases, consecrating it, may not be the ideal.

Typical objects should be cleansed and can be placed on the altar prior to the start of the ritual. Most practitioners like to keep their tools entirely separate from ordinary everyday objects, which I also recommend. Some tools are dedicated to a certain task at hand, and will be used for nothing else. If a tool has been used for a mundane, non-magic task, it will be of no use to you in magical workings. It would ideally need to be replaced, or at the very least, re-cleansed and consecrated. Consecration or dedication consists of the preparation, purification and presentation of your objects.

Until they are needed, the athame, boline and wand should be wrapped in a silk cloth of any colour except black or brown. Before they are used they also should be purified and consecrated. Some spells recommend that objects be consecrated. In general, these spells can invoke spiritual assistance of one type or another. By consecrating the object you can dedicate it to a spirit or deity, which will in turn serve as conduit to that deity’s energy and blessings.

For spells and certain objects, you can build an altar dedicated to the spirit or deity. You can then charge it with your desire. After that, you should consciously request that the object receive the needed blessing and energy of the spirit/deity. Keep the object at the altar close to the spirit/deity’s image for a time you feel appropriate. You can even keep it there overnight, but I don’t recommend leaving a circle cast for that length of time.

>To consecrate a basic item you can sprinkle it with water, and expose it to perfumes. The sprinkling is best done with a bunch of mint, marjory, and rosemary, or with a bunch of vervain, periwinkle, sage, mint, valerian, ash, basil and rosemary, tied with a thread. The perfume is best done by using ecclesiastical incense or made by burning aloes, wood, mace, storax and benzoin.

>You can place it in the moonlight of the Full Moon, preferably for the whole night, as this will not only cleanse it, but will empower it too. Make sure you leave it somewhere safe, like on a windowsill, compared to it remaining outdoors, where animals, or other things could get at it.

> You can also place it under running water for about 10 minutes while you visualize all negativity being washed away, of course, this is of no use if the object will spoil if it gets wet.

> The best, but most elaborate way would start with you soaking the object overnight in saltwater, or letting it stand in the sunshine or moonlight. This will create the best environment and energy to further enhance the connection between you and the object being consecrated.

You should then hold the object and allow your own energy to pass into it. Really make an effort to establish a link to it so its energy can flow back into you. You should then present it to the four points and then to the Goddess and God.

This is the method I have used, which I found in a book a while ago, which is now in my book of shadows. I have felt it has worked well for me in the past.

For your tools or altar items you can do the following:

You will need: Incense, a white candle, a small bowl of water, a small bowl of earth or salt and the chosen tool

  • Cast your circle

  • Ask for a blessing on your articled representing the four points and place the symbols in their corresponding direction

  • Pick up the object to be consecrated

  • Concentrate on the goals you want to achieve and the actions that you want to carry out and then say: “ Before you wandering spirits, I bring this (name tool). May its benefits be devoted to the work of the Lady and Lord.”

  • Light the incense and waft the object through the smoke. Say “By force of Air, be purified. Be devoted to clarity. May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all. “

  • Then, having lit the candle, pass the instrument through the flicker of the flame and say the following “ By the power of the dancing light, be purified. Be devoted to longing. May all aspiration be realized for the greater good of all”

  • Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the chosen implement and say “By the power of Neptune’s domain, be purified. Be devoted to the waves of ardour. May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all.”

  • Next, take the object and bring to the Earth/salt and say “By the power of earth and dust, be purified. Be devoted to resolute intent. May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all.”

If the object is a chalice continue with this: (Presentation of the chalice)

  • Hold your chalice to the sky in both hands and say: “ O beauteous Lady, shower sanctity upon this chalice. May it be a vessel for activity and achievement, and so appear worthy of your omnipresence. May it be so constrained that no harm results. To your service, O Lady, I devote this chalice, that we both shall long in your reverence, serve. “

  • Then say “O magnificent Lord, sanctify this chalice so that it brings delight and clarity. Protect the dealings which pour from it so that no thing is harmed. May it be dedicated to thee and thy beauteous Lady, may it serve thee well. So let it be.”

If the object is an athame, continue with this: (presentation of the athame)

  • Hold your athame towards the sky in both hands and say : “O Great Lord, bless this athame. May it be forever unsullied, bound to your greatness so that no thing may be harmed. O my Lord, bless this athame. May it be used only for the good and the glory of you, one heart, one hope, one love.”

  • Then say “ O Beauteous Lady, bless this athame. May it be untainted in thy service, dedicated to your goodness, harming none. O my Lady, bless this athame. May it be used only for the good and glory of you. Great Lord and Lady, so let it be.

>Then, don’t forget to close your circle.

When you are consecrating a mirror, it is a bit different, especially if you are speaking of a magic mirror.

You simply need to add 3 spoonfulls of sea salt to a dish of water, I would suggest rain water, or water that you get from a natural body of water, such as an ocean.

Stir the salt gently until it is all dissolved.

Take a new cloth or natural sponge, dip it in the water and salt mixture and use it to wash the mirror. After you have cleansed it, dry it with another new cloth.

I hope that some of this information comes in useful. As you can see, there are a few methods here, and there are many more. This is just what I have used in the past, and I have found great connections with my tools. Try and remember to keep your thoughts pure, and sometimes if you feel the connection is slipping away, don’t be afraid to re-dedicate and consecrate your tools more than once.

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