Hedgewitch Days!

Picture perfect 2015!

Hi my lovelies,

2015 has come screaming in way too fast…time is certainly playing its tricks on this old Hedgewitch, who gave permission for time to speed up?

2014 was a year of excitement as my first book was published and everyone seemed to be moving! I moved house, as did both of my daughters, one at University and one with the 3 grandbabies to a bigger home, packing boxes were flying around the family like a bag of sweets! There is something wonderful about moving house. I know it is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do, however, I am a serial mover…the amount of houses I have lived in during my life almost total the years of my age…I always say that if I ever was to write my autobiography it would be called Gypsy Feet!!!

Moving gives you the opportunity for a fresh start, out with the old and all that…and I am all for fresh starts, something new coming into your life and the energy it brings can magically change the path you are on and the direction in which you are going. New surroundings, a new environment can herald in a wealth of new friends and neighbours into your life, and a new space to design and create. A new job can boost your confidence and expand your knowledge, a new baby is joyous with the prospects of the future all bound up in a cute little package all sweet smelling and adorable. Anything new is a big change that can take some adjustment but almost always brings wonderfulness to compensate for any inconvenience caused!

The new calendar year brings us the fresh start we sometimes need to kick us up the ‘you know where’ and move on to do ‘who knows what’!

Hedge 1

Although we celebrate our witchy new year at Samhain we all live in the very real world of ‘non witches’ who all start their year on January 1st…a new page of the calendar all blank and ready to be filled, and just like the calendar we have the chance, as the bells of Big Ben call in the new year here in the UK, to create something new!

I really believe that we have a duty to pass down something of ourselves to future generations, and ordinarily that for us Hedge witches would be a book of shadows. All of our magical thoughts, spells and rituals recorded for our use, and hopefully to hand down to someone who can carry on the traditions and teach the next magical weavers all the tricks of the trade so to speak. Recently, mainly through my page on Facebook, I have become more and more aware of the phrase, a picture paints a thousand words…and it really does! Nothing flows around social media faster than a beautiful or funny image, and no one shares around a post only of words. We all respond from our very earliest of years to pictures, in books, on the TV…we understand and learn by what’s in front of us, the sight of others smiles teaching us our first interaction with the outside world rather than the words we use or hear.

This thought returns me to the whole ‘moving’ thing again…I know guys, I do ramble on lol, stay with me now! When I moved in September last year, I finally got round to sorting out the 4 boxes of photographers, mainly left to me by my Mum when she died 12 years ago. Sitting on the floor deciding what to keep, and what may be relevant to my own children and grandchildren was an emotional task…There were photos of beloved family members, including my own babies, pets, obscure family members whom I struggled to remember, and many photos of people and places that must have meant something to my Mum that I had no clue about at all! Back in the distant past of no digital technology all records of that family member, holiday, birthday and school sports days were recorded on film, far removed from what we now hold in our hands to record images. These films were pot luck as down to the chemist or developer they would go, as you patiently waited to collect your photos without having a clue what was captured in those 24 images. At the moment of truth there was an excitement to see just what had been recorded, was there even one photo that didn’t have a thumb covering the corner, or wasn’t plastered with a sticker saying over exposed. To get a couple of good pictures out of one film was proclaimed a success, and there in your very own hands you were holding something that could be handed down to someone. These images, all powerful in their own way, were a traditional way of handing down the past to the future, from my mum to me. It is now in my hands to hand down what’s relevant and important to my children and grandbabies, phew…what a responsibility!!!

These days of technology, however wonderful they are, have mainly robbed us of the image in your hand moments. Everything is digital now, mainly on phones, allowing us to click merrily away, deleting as we go and only holding onto only the most pleasing of photographs. Gone are the shaky, overexposed thumb printed pictures of your seaside holiday, how I mourn those captured ‘human’ images….but I mourn the demise of the actual ‘hold in your paws’ photographs even more! When was the last photo you took on your phone printed out? How many times do we show people our precious grandbaby pics or our beloved pets doing something cute to others by handing over our phone? It’s so sad and, I for one, as much as I embrace the ease of new technology would like to propose the following idea for this New Year….the’’ Image Book of Shadows’’!

Hedge 2

It is my goal to create a book of shadows that talks to the future generation in the simplest language of all to understand, the language of images. So here’s the idea my lovelies… The book of shadows photo album…sectioned into the months of the year, or the 8 festivals, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Then click away! Take pictures of what matters to you magically…the sunset, a crow on a fence, new buds unfurling, the frost on the car, anything that calls to your magical side! Of course include what you hold dear, family, familiars etc… but focus these images on the magical side. Then regularly, say once a month, actually print out these magical images into something physical you can hold in your hand. Spend time in a comfortable place, candles and incense lit and ask as ever the Goddess, God and the elements for their guidance as you work. Create your Picture book of shadows by instinct and for each image write a line or two as to why this image is important, what it magically represents for you. Just a few words will do, the essence of the pictures will mainly speak for themselves. Try and include a front page though with a short paragraph explaining what it is you are doing and what year it is.

Build this book throughout the calendar year…It really is a wonderful way to bring a focus into making everyday life magical, as you will start to see meaning in all that’s around you, and want to record it! Then, when the time comes, and the future generations take up the baton of the path we follow. They will hold in their hands the world as it is around us, seen by our eyes, all the magic captured for them to add to and hand down themselves one day.

Well, my lovelies, I will shut up now lol…I wish you a magical New Year, wherever you are and as ever the brightest blessings and big hugs