Hedgewitch Days!

Celebrating the Forgotten Goddess Within!

Hi my lovelies!

March is here, yay…bring on that BST and the extra hour of daylight!!!

Spring is springing and nature is in full on fertility mode, 50 shades of Grey has nothing on our natural world. The cycle of the Goddess is well and truly underway for the year, the maiden rules once again, all young, beautiful and full of promise. But with everything screaming newness and freshness I can’t help thinking it is all a little past me. Ok, I can feel the vibrancy of the Maiden in nature, but in my inner world that phase is over. At 44 I can’t really pull off the Maiden phase anymore, so what phase of the Goddess should I be in?

We are all so familiar with the traditional Maiden, Mother and Crone, the triple aspects of the Goddess, reflected in the world we live in as it turns through the year. It wasn’t until I had a visit with a fellow Witch and good friend Carmen that I started thinking this whole thing through. We were nattering on and for some reason the Goddess aspects came up. I said I figured I was now in the Crone phase and Carmen wisely asked if I really felt that I was. Ummm…Now that takes some thinking!

You see, I am definitely not the Maiden anymore, the role which has LONG since passed me by in a cloud of 80’s fashion and large quantities of alcohol. The nurturing Mother role seems to have left with the departure of my daughters and my empty nest. Of course I am still a Mother forever and always, especially where my purse is concerned lol, and I do still long for the mothering role, maybe accounting for all my fur babies and their reluctance to enjoy the many hugs and kisses I wish to bestow on them daily, honestly I wish they were a little more amicable to my overenthusiastic affections! Now I am also a Grandma…a role that hit me at the age of 40, and a role that I relish and hold oh so dear to my heart, being a Grandma is THE best thing about having to go through the whole Mother thing! But because there is now another generation in place does this automatically promote me into the Crone aspect of the Goddess within?

I don’t feel wise enough to be the Crone, let me think…nope, definitely not wise enough, and hopefully I am not yet in the last phase of earth life, however I do seem to have taken on an advisory role in a way, everything from how to cook to advise on the human emotions we all have to deal with daily. I seem to be, nowadays, the go to person for advice and help, surprisingly I can usually come up with a decent and sensible answer to most posed questions and if I can’t, I know how to point in the right direction and give any encouragement needed to progress forward with solving a problem. Sometimes I am well and truly shocked by what is buried in the back of this rambling brain, and more and more I find myself thinking I have turned into my Mum, so often the words just spring out of my mouth in the exact way she would say them.

Anyway, back to the conversation. Carmen wisely brought up another phase that really needs consideration in the whole inner Goddess argument. There is a word that sums up all of us in this in between phase of Mother and Crone and the missing Goddess is …..((Drumroll))….Matriarch!!!

Ok, this words definition in the dictionary is;

A woman who rules a family, clan or tribe.

A woman who dominates a group or an activity.

A highly respected woman who is a mother.

Now THIS I can relate too! This position signifies to me a higher level of the Mother Goddess, the go to person with knowledge and experience who can send you in the right direction, but still has a way to go and many life experiences to enjoy before the Crone phase is reached. She is the one who holds everything together, the one at the controls of the family, and ultimately the one who is head of her clan, unless the Crone decides differently by overruling her!

I like this new aspect of the Goddess within me, and am very comfortable being the Matriarch to my little clan. When I stumble into the bathroom in the morning and look in the mirror I can see the Matriarch reflected back at me. She is there, with all the signs that accompany her, the aging skin and the slightly thinning hair. But she is NOT the Crone, she still has many roads to travel down to get the next phase and many mistakes left to learn from! I am kind of fond of this new inner Goddess, the phase where self-doubt dissipates and a confidence starts to build, suddenly you begin to realise you actually don’t really worry about what others think! Your beliefs begin to embed into your day to day life, you have more time to explore the world as you want and believe it to be. It is a phase of freedom, love and discovery!!!

Now this is not to say that I can’t relate to all the aspects of our beloved Goddess, the cycles and turning of the year will always ring in my heart, bring me joy and a sense of belonging. I will always celebrate all her gifts to us, and be grateful of the seasonal reminders that put us firmly in touch with our path. As ever, this spring equinox of Ostara will be a shining connection to the Maiden and will be celebrated as passionately as ever by this little Hedgewitch. I will also continue to celebrate all the Goddess aspects within me too, especially the Maiden who, with the help of a little nip of something naughty but nice, can still be found rocking out down the front with the best of them! She will still do all the ill-advised and stupid things that come with youth and pretending to not know better…fortunately, my newly discovered Matriarch Goddess (thanks Carmen) means I won’t go too far, oh, and if I do I won’t matter anyway hehehe!!!

I hope you all find some time as we celebrate the Maiden in March to recognise the Goddess phase within you, and celebrate her presence, whatever phase you find yourself to be in.

Big hugs and Bright Blessings as ever my lovelies