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Sharing the Wealth

A confession: I have never done voluntary work. Also I am not a fan of donating money for charity. Especially in the past three years, while I´ve been a stay-at-home-mom (with virtually no paycheck).

On the other hand I try to spread positivity and help those people I know, or meet, if any way I can. I have also donated hair for those in need, and my old clothes and household ware for charity.

Once before Christmas at my work, they collected toys and books to be given as presents to poor families´ children. “How sweet and thoughtful!” I figured. Until I read the note further… They only accepted brand new stuff, still in packages! What the heck? If you´re genuinely in need, you will be exhilarated to receive a teddy bear someone else has gently hugged before you, or a story book someone else has already read through a few times. I know I was as a kid! And so are my children now. They don´t mind getting recycled bicycles or shoes from friend and relatives. And we are an average income family, not really short of anything essential. What´s with the world? Is our time, especially after and during these years of recession, still floating in excess, so that the only thing we can appreciate is continuously getting something new, brand new?

I ended up “donating” nothing for those “poor” kids. But despite of my anarchy, they received loads of gifts nonetheless, so don´t worry.  =)

  This March will change my life dramatically. I will be returning to work after taking care of my kids at home for three years. I´m one of those lucky people who has a job to return to.
  My kids are still small, and I feel like my presence at home is more valuable now than ever. Also at the same time there are more unemployed people out there in the market than usually, thanks to the recession still. I figured I can do common good for both by working only four days a week. That way I can be there for my kids more, not feel like I´m in a rat race, and offer someone else a share of my paycheck. In fact, when talking to my boss about it, she happily announced that by my 20% share we are then able to employ a whole new person full-time! There are other part-timers, and together we can make it happen. How awesome is that?! I´m glad to pinch off those extra bucks in exchange for more free time. It´s a win-win situation, like they say.

Planting fruit trees and setting up vegetable gardens in third world countries is close to my heart. I wish those people could have enough to eat, and be responsible, and masters, of their own survival. In the future I hope to be able to aid in this, one way or another. But that will have to wait until my kids have flown out of the nest, and I am no longer needed at home.

  Other things at the top of my priority list are girls´ access to school in “undeveloped” countries, and naturally green living to keep Earth alive. Every step counts, from recycling to reducing electricity consumption to financial support of environmental foundations aiming to “save the planet”.
  Luckily there are so many of us, so there are supporters for all causes. Not one man can do it all, but we can all do something to make this a happy place to live in. Wealth comes in many forms, not only money, so there is a way for us all to share it with those in need.
  Now I´m off to do my share of tax paying, and enabling work for someone else. It remains to be seen if I will still have the time to contribute to PaganPages.org. So until then, let´s enjoy the ride of everyday life and think positive! This planet is a fabulous place to live in, let´s keep it that way by sharing our wealth!
 Happy days!