Book Review: Breaking The Mother Goose Code by Jeri Studebaker

Breaking The Mother Goose Code: How A Fairy-Tale Character Fooled the World for 300 Years




When asked to review this book I jumped at the chance. Having read Jeri Studebaker’s Switching to Goddess, I had a feeling I would love this book on the myth of Mother Goose. I was not disappointed. Half way through Chapter One I promptly ordered myself a copy of this gem of a book. I devoured this fascinating read in a matter of days and am thrilled to have this in my esoteric library.

Breaking The Mother Goose Code is the Da Vinci Code of nursery rhymes and fairy-tales. Jeri Studebaker takes us on an adventures ride in search of what she believes to be the true meaning and origin of Mother Goose. With her wealth of knowledge Jeri draws the reader into the fairy-tale realm of nursery rhymes, digging deep into the history and mystery of Goddess worship concealed deep within the character of Mother Goose.

Jeri Studebaker traces the identity of Mother Goose through the ancient history of the Mother Goddess, connecting such goddesses as Holda and Aphrodite to this captivating character. By linking the goose and other sacred animals featured in nursery rhymes with goddesses of the world she uncovers the mystery of Mother Goose. Jeri shows us that the visage of Mother Goose changes throughout time. She is shown as a kindly mother figure and as a typical old hag.

By deciphering the codes hidden within such tales as Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Little Red Riding Hood, and Blue Beard, Jeri Studebaker discovers what might be the true identity of the characters, showing that the heroines of these tales can be seen as code for Mother Goddess. She covers many goddesses, some of which I would never have thought of connecting to Mother Goose, showing how the image of the Mother Goddess and Mother Goose changes with the times we live in.

There are some intriguing chapters in Breaking The Mother Goose Code, all of which add to the adventure of the search for the esoteric meaning of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Part One goes into great detail of the origins of the Mother Goose figure while Part Two digs deeper into the mystery of the tales. Chapter 13 (one of my favorites) uncovers the magic and charm that can be found in these fascinating tales.

I give Breaking The Mother Goose Code two thumbs up. Jeri Studebaker has done a wonderful job of opening my mind to the hidden gifts veiled within fairy tales. The amount of research she put into this treasure of a book is astounding. I find myself searching more for the hidden symbology and imagery while reading the old myths and tales of the Mother Goddess. I’ll be turning to this book often for my own research on the magic and charm that can be found in some of my favorite tales of fairy.