The Enchanted Cottage; Magick for the Witch’s Home

Household Spirits

They have many names and epithets depending on the region you live. The Scottish Brownie, Italian Lare and Lasa, Slavic Domovoi, and the Korean Gashin are just a few names these spirits have been known as. Household Spirits have existed throughout time as the protective daemon of one’s home. They are the animistic energy that dwell within the walls of our temples and homes. Sometimes tricksy and known to hide our valuables from us, the Spirits are for the mist part harmless. The energy we put into the care of our homes and the love we share with those who share our living space can determine the mood and countenance our Household Spirits have.

A home can have one or many Household Spirits living dwelling within its walls. Some Spirits move with us and some stay with the house they are “born” in. There is usually one main Daemon that makes up the “Spirit” of the home, this Daemon is the one who protects our loved ones from those who may wish us harm in the outside world. I have one such Spirit sharing our living space with us. We call him Bob; though I believe he is beyond gender, this is the visage he shows to us. Bob likes to make a bit of noise when we do some remodeling on our house. Whenever we do a little repair work Bob likes to examine our handiwork for a few days. Once he determines that it has been done to his satisfaction he quiets down a bit.

There are other Spirits who live with us as well. Some are my daughter’s childhood “friends”, and some are little Faery-like beings who have graced us with their presence. Each Spirit who lives with us prefers different treats and offerings. Bob likes strong coffee and an occasional shot of whiskey. One feminine Spirit likes perfume, red wine, and pretty baubles. Some like the common milk and honey offering while others like a stout beer. It takes listening to the Spirits of your home to learn what their likes and dislikes are, very similar to the way you learn what your friends and family like. These Spirits/Daemons that live with us are part of our family. Sometimes we become impatient with them, wondering why they have hidden certain items form us and at other times we laugh at the hijinks they pull.

I love them, these Spirits who dwell within our home. They protect us while we sleep and guard our home when we are away. They fill our home with light, love, and laughter, and in return we honor them for all they do for us. Some will follow my children as they go off into the world, leaving our home for their futures; may They protect my girls in love and life. I thank Bob and the other Spirits of our home for the gift of their presence in our lives and hope that They continue to bless our home.