When the Moon is Full

When the Moon is full, go outside and kiss your power hand (right hand if you are right-handed, etc.) to Her three times, then view Her through the mano en cornuta, which is made by pressing the tips of the middle and ring fingers with the tip of the thumb, while extending the index and little fingers upward toward the Moon like antennae. Gaze at Her between the erect fingers. You should have a sense of looking at Her as at a human face, which of course looks back at you.
Then you can say the Greek poetess Sappho’s Paean (hymn) to the Full Moon in either English or Aeolic Greek:

Lo, the stars around the lovely Moon
Hide away their bright forms
Whenever she shines most fully
Over the whole Earth.

Or, in Sappho’s own lovely Aeolic dialect:

Asteres men amphi kalan Selannan
Aps apokrüptoisi phaenon eidos
Oppota pleithoisa malista lampei
Gan epi paisan.

Kiss your hand to Her three more times. Now you have greeted the Moon Goddess, whose classical name is Selene.