HedgeWitch Days!

That Tiny Patch of Lawn

Hi my lovelies!

July has a different meaning depending on whether you are still at school or not, don’t you think? For all children everywhere it signals the end of the school year, the square on the monopoly board that heralds the get out of jail free card, the endless sunny days of hope and wild abandonment, climbing trees (or playing computer games, whatever the modern equivalent is)and sleeping in, ahhhh what bliss!!! For parents and all child looking afterers July has a certain chill to the air…ahead stretch endless days to be filled, manic conversations and arguments to be had and the go directly to jail card, do not pass go, do not collect £200, do not plan a life for the next 6-8 weeks! Surviving the summer holidays with a child should come with a large rosette and an even larger glass of Gin as the prize at the end…thankfully my own 2 daughters have grown up now and flown the nest, however I do expect my 3 ‘Oh so beautiful and amazing’ granddaughters to be routinely visiting, expecting to be amused.

As I’m sure most of us that follow our path also feel, July, with its lack of any Solstices and Equinox’s can present itself to us as a little flat, a lull in the magical calendar can mean a loss of focus and magical doings too.

Our beloved Mother Nature as ever is right on point with this empty magical calendar, certainly here in the British garden and country side things our plants take a holiday of their own. All the showiness of June and midsummer make way for the lazy hazy days of rest before the Autumnal splendour bursts through. Walking along the Wiltshire lanes there is a definite feeling of hush and stillness. As the flowers seem to have lost some of their sparkle, the heat of the day, weather permitting hangs in the air, and the flora does the same…hanging its head waiting for the rain and coolness to indicate when to start the abundant bounty of autumn. The bees and crickets are the only continuous sound echoing through the air, our birds and mammals sheltering away from the fiery heat of the day.

July is the time when I, as a child, remember the smell of cut grass on the playing field at school and at the park. When I had the horror of school aged children the smell of cut grass still clung to the month, as I hunkered down to watch school sports day, or sat having garden picnics at home. Every weekend, row after row of households drag their lawnmowers out of the shed and set to work trimming the patch of green attached to the house. The scent of freshly cut grass will always be associated with July for me, when other flowers are pretty much spent from showing off at midsummer, the unassuming grass is still doing its job for us all, providing us a green backdrop to the start of the ‘calendar’ summer if not the witchy one. But is it just grass that we gaze upon?

I am writing this sat on the grass myself, the warmth of the sun on my back and the magic of Mother Nature in my heart. Before me, on first glances is a standard lawn, a little patchy (new garden syndrome) but none the less fairly green and welcoming.

But look closer…is it really all grass?

My lawn at home holds so many wonderful goodies other than grass that I can use in my magic and in my home remedies. Daisies, buttercups, clover, selfheal, dandelion, bedstraw, plantain are all cuddled together in the blanket of green. Even though the grass was cut yesterday the brave little daisies are still managing to bloom their little socks off, low enough to miss the lawnmower blade. In between all the blades and leaves of the lawn busy ants and money spiders are going about their daily business without so much as a glance from me, which I have always found a tad odd, I am sure we would notice if a giant came and sat on our lawns next to us! They are so industrious in their work, putting us humans quite to shame!

Tinctures and Oils

Tinctures are so simple to make, just remember the 3/4 herbs and 1/4 liquid ratio….vodka is normally the best liquid to use.
Put the herbs in blender or chop really finely.

Add alcohol to cover 1/4 inch over the herbs.

Blend or mix well to a soupy/mushy consistency and pour into a glass jar.

Screw on an airtight lid.
Leave herbs settle for a day or so to see how much liquid is on top, add more if needed.

Let it brew in the dark for at least 4 weeks, shaking weekly.

To strain, pour the entire contents of the jar through your strainer and press all liquid out of the soaked herbs with a wooden spoon.

Keep your finished tincture sealed tightly in a bottle or Jar as the alcohol will evaporate if left open.
Top Tip…Your tincture will be more powerful if made on the new moon and strained on the full moon!!!

Healing oils

Pack a jar with blossoms and top with a good oil, I like to use sunflower as it is a lighter oil, not as heavy as olive oil but you can use pretty much any oil you have to hand.

Allow to steep (love that word!) for 2-3 weeks and then strain and bottle in an airtight jar for medicinal or magical use.

Top tip…Use your oils for anointing your candles to perform powerful candle magic!

Grass – Psychic powers

Daisies – Love

Dandelion – Wishes

Plantain – Strength and health

Selfheal- Healing

Clover – Luck

Bedstraw – Luck

Buttercup – Happiness

I hope you have a wonderfully magical July, survive any bored child attacks and make it into August with your dignity intact, something new in your store cupboard and magic overflowing in your heart…Big hugs guys and as ever