Musings of A Hereditary Witch

Blue Moon

I thought I would share what we did for our 2012 Blue Moon ritual to help spark some ideas for the up coming 2015 Blue Moon (the second full moon in one month) on July 31st. At the Blue Moon we set energies into motion that will manifest our long-term goals (house, business, travel, debt free…) to be fulfilled by the next Blue Moon (approx. 30 +/- months)

Everyone invited for the ritual was asked to wear either blue or white and to bring a potluck dish to share. They were asked to bring foods that were blue, white or purple (we needed another option). The exception to the rule was the meat main dish. One of the guys got creative and had a local bakery dye French bread blue.

The Ritual Area:

Our ritual was held out doors in a small tarmac area behind my apartment. We hung Celtic tapestries from the fence, stairwell and one from a stretched rope to block off an unsightly area. I also pulled out my large cauldron for burning our candles. No, the Blue Moon isn’t specifically Celtic, but I was working with my Celtic students and guests that evening.


The altar was setup for the Three Realms and not the typical quarters/directions; only because I don’t work with them. You can set your altar in accordance with your personal practice.

The altar is covered in a plain dark blue cloth. There are blue Hydrangeas at the head of the altar flanked by two leaded glass hurricanes with blue pillars. We used 3 iridescent globe hurricanes with blue tea lights and a tall frosted candleholder with a blue Celtic knot moon design placed in the center on a raised disk.

A sage wand and small cauldron with charcoal are also on the raised disk. A vial of Sparkling Full Moon incense (which just happens to be blue), a small spoon, tongs to hold the charcoal when lighting and a lighting wand. The Sparkling I purchased it through www.sacredmists.com.

Across from the cauldron, a blue vase holds silver gel pens. Under the vase are blue paper circles cut from scrapbooking paper, one for each person attending. Near the front of the altar is a vial of Blue Moon oil (homemade) and blue 4” candles, enough for each person.


We began our ritual as is customary with our tradition. When the time came we acknowledged Titania and Oberon by sprinkling moon & star confetti on the altar (which I had hidden in a bowl under the altar).

A short introduction was given about why we were here and what we were going to be doing.

Everyone took a few moments to meditate on their long-term goal setting. Then the pens and blue paper circles were passed around and everyone began writing down their goals for the Blue Moon. Some wrote straight across the circle and others spiraled their words around the paper. We anointed our papers and one of the blue candles with the Blue Moon oil. The paper moons were to be kept in a place where they would be seen everyday so that their subconscious mind could work on moving the energy along. They lit their candles and placed them in the cauldron to send their magical goals up and out to the moon.



We ended our ritual per our custom and loaded up on food.

What will you do for the Blue Moon? What are some of your long-term goals/wishes? What types of food will you have?

Blessings on your Hearth & Home,

Elayne & Dillon >^.^<