A Moment for Meditation


If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a *person* changes *their* own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards *them*. … We need not wait to see what others do. ~~ Ghandi

(Pronouns changed from gender specific to gender neutral by me)

I am going to be taking a break from the chakras this month; we will return to the 2nd chakra with next month’s column.

While I realize that many people who read PaganPages are international, I also know that many of us are from the U.S. This past week, another tragedy occurred in yet another violent mass murder, again with racism at its’ core.

Much has been written about the why’s and wherefore’s, as if we have not heard it all before. That is not what this column is about. This column is about healing.

There are those that say that the wounds are so deep that they can not be cured. However, I am not talking about curing. For something to be cured, the illness, the fear, the hate, needs to be eradicated. Racism, and all other the other -ism’s, are felt too deeply by too many to just disappear overnight because some of us wish it so.

No, I am talking about healing, which is to be made whole, even with an illness. We can heal by accepting what is, for the moment, and to work toward change. The world is filled with hate, fear, terror; there are those that kill for killing’s sake. Terror groups in the Mideast and Africa come to mind; individuals who hate abound in this, and other, countries, and bring domestic terror and murder. So, what can one person do?

We can start by realizing that we are all connected; all of us, even to those around the world who we may never see. Everything is connected. It is so simple and yet so difficult for some to understand.

Once we realize the worldwide connection, we can begin to heal.

We need to become part of a greater process of healing, in and of, the world. We need to project peace and healing throughout our daily lives. We need to keep this as our intention, our will. We need to remember “as above, so below”.

We can use meditation to heal. We have the intent, we have the potential, we have the power.

One of the most powerful healing mantras is “Ra, Ma, Da, Sa, Sa, Say, So, Hung”. Ra is the sun energy; Ma is the moon energy, Da is the earth energy, Sa is infinity and univeral energy, Say is the embodiment of Sa, So is how we personally merge with Sa and Hung is the Infinite.

To meditate with this manta, you would get in to easy pose, or in a chair with feet flat on the floor, with hands resting on knees, or in gyan mudra (as discussed in prior columns). Take a few deep cleansing breaths, while visualizing a green aura around who/what you would like healed. In this case, I would start with those in South Carolina, US, and then move outward to to world as a whole and our planet as our home. Chant the mantra verbally, or vibrate it mentally. It can be found here:


You should do this for at least 11 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also bring your hands into prayer pose at the heart center and transmit your healing thoughts through the Universe, again visualizing who/what needs to be healed. Concentrate on love and rejecting hate. To end, take a deep powerful inhale and as you exhale, project that love outward to the world and repeat several times.

Can one person change the whole world? Maybe not, but lots of “one persons” can. Talk about change to those you see. Teach them these meditations, spread love, reject hate.

Blessings and Peace…