December Goddess Amulet Message for the Global Pagan Community

Dreaming Goddess – Dream


So many mixed messages, half-truths, untruths, misstatements, lies. How do you know what to believe? These are scary times. And sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn. Who to believe. Who to not believe. Enemies become allies, allies become enemies. All in the blink of an eye. Moves played out again and again. And you feel helpless in it all.

Dream the world as you want it to be. Set your intentions on making your part of the world just that tiny bit better than it has been. Dream a dream of peace and cooperation, love and tolerance, and acceptance. Dream a world of truths.

Cow – Partner


Unlikely allies. Forge partnerships where you didn’t see them before. If you come together with others to dream a better world, the magic becomes 10 times stronger.

Look outside the Pagan community. Find your place with interfaith groups. Lend your strength and support to those who are subjected to hate and anger. Create alliances and blend your World Truths for a Better World.

Labrys – Power


This month you will find many opportunities to claim your power and to speak up for the better world you are dreaming. Each of us has the strength to do our small part. We can stand up for the downtrodden, speak up for those who aren’t being heard.

Owl – Trust


We move through uncertain times and the future is not always clear. Know that you are being guided, know that you will be led through the obstacles. Trust.

Sow – Listen


Hear the words that aren’t being spoken. Dig deep into the root of the matter and listen.

What do you hear? Is it what you expected? When someone voices their anger and their hated towards another, listen for the emotion underneath. When someone is being silences, listen to what isn’t or can’t be said. When the world is filled with a cacophony of noise, listen for the silence at the core.


Key words for December:

  • Dream
  • Partner
  • Power
  • Trust
  • Listen

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