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Peace Practice

Merry meet!


This year, I find myself wanting to create peace more strongly than I have in a long time. It seems to be a theme in my life, or perhaps the title of this chapter of the journey.

As the whole world seemingly gears up for a frenzy of holiday shopping, decorating and partyingall during a time of uncertainty and unrest I long to snuggle under a blanket of still snow and listen to music that lulls me into calm, feeling safe and staying grounded until Imbolc brings its energy shift and the stirring of new life.

Without knowing it, I was searching for a ritual I could do that would help me be the change I want to see in the world. To paraphrase other masters, I know that peace must come from within that there will never be peace around me until there is peace within me. I know, too, that there is no path to peace but that peace is the path.

During this dark time, I wish to be as still and quiet as the earth around me here in New England. So for Yule, Im doing my best to adopt a simple pot-stirring ritual that appeared several years ago on a Goddess list serve and was recently shared with me.


Whenever you’re cooking and using a spoon, first stir the pot widdershins, consciously releasing all anger and violence, releasing poverty and hopelessness, releasing whatever prevents peacefirst clearing it from ourselves and then clearing it from the world. Then, stirring deosil, open your heart to peace, and feel the world’s heart also open to accept peace.

The idea is that that as I nurture myself by making food, I could nurture the world with peace simply by bringing my awareness to the pot before me, and having my spoon become an instrument of peace.

While it was told to me that I should use my magickal wooden spoon, I have been very drawn to a long, white silicone spoon, so that is what Im using until I choose to substitute a designated wooden spoon, or decide to relocate my multi-layered, short-handled magickal wooden spoon to the kitchen.

By spreading word of this ritual to others, my hope is that more and more people everywhere will begin doing this daily, helping create a ripple of peace that will swell and reverberate throughout the world.

I invite you to pick up your spoon and join me from that place of stillness deep within and stir up some peace.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.