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Mabh Savage features two great interviews this month.




The first is with Paul Davies, aka Oddie, is an independent Druid, a Norwich Quaker, a photographer and a pacifist. He’s also the editor of This Ancient Heart, a book that ‘reveals the connective pathways where beliefs, actions and metaphors lead to dynamic, practical and spiritual lives’.



The second is with The Bard of Ely; Steve Andrews. Dubbed as both a wizard and a bard, Steve Andrews is hardly your everyday herb expert, if there is indeed such a thing. Mabh, caught up with Steve to find out about his music, his love of plants and his writing.


elemental witch


Jazz has an interesting book review for us on Magick for the Elemental Witch by Deanna Anderson.




Having problems with irritability?  Learn about which Crystals for Irritability can help you in Stones Corner.




Learn how to survive Mercury Retrograde in Witches Soul Work.


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