ThriftCrafting: Witching on a Budget



Merry meet.

We witches love stuff, and over time, we can accumulate a fair amount of it. As time passes, there are some items that may fall out of favor.

Perhaps after reading that book on druids, you decide the information wasn’t something you would incorporate into your practice. You might be given a pentacle you like better than the one you’ve had on your altar for years. A tarot deck – or two or three – may no longer speak to you. The black skirt that no longer fits got pushed to the back of the closet and forgotten. Candles you thought you’d use are gathering dust. And that voice of the person on the meditation CD you were given reminds you of someone you’re trying to forget.

If you have a small collection of such items, chances are others you know do, too. A swap or a give-away is a wonderful way to pass on what you no longer want or need to someone who would welcome it – and give you the chance to pick up something you’d enjoy owning. All at no cost.

Consider organizing a give-away at your next sabbat gathering or a swap on the next full moon.

An eclectic Goddesswoman group to which I belong gathers each Mabon for a weekend retreat, and more often than not, we have a give-away. (The photos are from one of our first.) Anyone who brought items puts them int he designated area and everyone is invited to help themselves. At a pagan discussion group, it’s not uncommon for someone to put items up for grabs in the center of the table. I’ve given away bunches of herbs picked from the garden and books and gotten a snakeskin and lavender salt that way.

While it could be an add-on to an existing occasion that will be drawing people, your swap can also be a stand-alone event. Just get out the word, perhaps post a few photos to entice people to participate and then enjoy seeing items go to new homes where they will be loved.

Merry part.