Deepening the Work

Last evening, I was reading T. Thorn Coyle‘s book Kissing the Limitless, and as always when I read her writings I begin to think more deeply about my own practice. More specifically, thinking of my response to the posed questions of:

What has set me on this Path? Why am I choosing to do this work?” Neither, of these questions has easy answers and the very nature of their query is one that should change and evolve in accord with the practice we are called to at any given time. But, there is also a certain clarity of purpose that reveals itself through answering the call to service.

If I look beyond the superficial answer, there is no one thing that pulled me in this spiritual direction versus another. I have always been a seeker and have taken many diverse roads; all respectively at some point interweaving with one another and then moving away from their centers of commonality creating new paths to be explored. The analogy of feeling a “coming home” having affirmed my steps along this path is both true and vague, for this is not a place I have ever left. From a greater perspective, I feel that the collective energies of humanity propel those who choose to listen to the wisdom of the quiet places of inner guidance and stir within a deep longing to contribute positively and effectively.

And, because of this longing, it is no longer a point of “why” I do this work. It is the natural outcome and is as organic as breathing. Once connected to this flow and breath of humanity and conscious thought and action, opportunities abound to integrate the practice you have established, the flowers or spiritual wisdom you have collected along the way and the ever-changing quality of service you may offer. The more intention and focus that is spent in deepening your personal connection to your God-Self and striving towards a place of balance and union between your human and Divine natures, the more clearly you can see along the Path.

Many of the lessons I have returned to throughout my years as both a teacher and seeker of occult wisdom were those that stood right in front of me. They were not the imagined hidden stores that I had to procure exactly the right key to gain access to. Rather, they were part of the most mundane of my activities and had travelled with me throughout the cycles of days, seasons and years. I had but to look upwards and see the beauty of the Sun and the Moon reflective and radiant in their downpour.

The most profound of these lessons was found in connecting more fully to the Sun and the Moon as part of my daily devotional practice. This connection reached deeper than my usual honoring of them as luminaries of spiritual and magickal expression. To enter into a more complete relationship with them, I had to also come to know the greater potential that lay within each dawn or new moon. As I began to reveal these deeper meanings, an intricate webbing of inter-connectedness became my own unique tapestry. Each space of devotion and acknowledgement of my connection to the dynamic energy of the Solar and the flowing movement of the Lunar produced another thread of weaving, changing this luminous tapestry in response to the changes within myself.

This is but one example of deepening the work. To engage in spiritual work is only as fulfilling as the willingness we display in reaching deeper, striving higher and dueling the very things that led us to this path to begin with. And so, I will allow myself to be filled with yearning to quicken the twin flames of passion and quintessential LIFE and enliven the seeds of renewed dedication in walking my spiritual Path. I will look up to the celestial bodies and claim them as my own source of deeper knowing. I will walk upon the beauty of this Earth and see the Divine spark that flows through every Living thing.

I end this post with an excerpt from my new book, Temple of the Sun and Moon: Luminous Devotions. May it inspire you towards deepening the work…

Luna looks down

And the spell is cast.


Father Sun fuels the intent

And sustains the

Creative flow.


Weave Your Magick of Light


Build your Temple of Quickening Flame

That strengthens

A call to informed Will

Forged on the anvil

Of Spirit’s heated intent.


Dream your Temple of Waters

That ebb and flow

As the tides reach towards

The rocky shores

Of Soul’s return.


For you are the blessed child

Of Sun and Moon

And hold the gifts of

Their kingship.


And the heavens offer up

Devotion to your birthright

And await your

Gentle hand of creation.


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