Finding Avalon





Fae Fyre

Gossamer webs of blue-green

Fae Fyre

Weave through the

Fabric of time,

Connecting all that is—

And all that shall be

Spiraling out to

The worlds beyond,

The Fae Fyre

Touches the Children of Earth,

Reminding us all that we are,

Kith and Kin

Wrapping its ethereal light

Around the Kindred Heart’s

Of Faery and Middle Earth,

We become entranced

With the Knowledge of Oneness–

And Fidelity

Seeking what lies Within,

Yearning for the Touch

Of Fae Fyre

We become One—


In the Land of Dreams

United in the Quest for Truth

The Fae Fyre

Burns bright in the Soul’s

Of All,

Revealing the Sangreal—

The Holy Blood

Knowing we share

The Sangreal and

The Fae Fyre,

We become the Shining Ones—

The People of Peace…

Arda is once again

As She should be,

Burning with Fae Fyre—

Flowing with Sangreal—

Living in Peace—

Shining; forever more…

~by: Vivienne Moss~

As I reflect upon my life as a Witch and Pagan, I come to comprehend the deep love I have for our community. Though we may have profound differences, at the heart of it all we are connected in the truth of the divine. Whether that divine is many, one, or the world itself, we acknowledge that it is a part of us. Divinity lives within and without, it surrounds us in all its inspiring and terrifying beauty.

To me, the waking world is as full of the magic that is Avalon just as much as the dreaming world. The All Mother, whose names are many, breathes life into this world, awakening us to the possibilities of myth and enchantment. In myth there is truth; the divine stories remind us of what our ancestors experienced and the new myths we create will help our descendants understand the ways of our lives. The myths we leave them will define the world they will be born into.

What kind of world will we leave our children and their children? Will it be one of peace and beauty or one of war and strife (much like the world we are now living)? We must fight for a better way of life, demanding that we deserve better than this– that we are better than this.

We must make allies of the Spirit and Faery realms, standing side by side with them in the protection and re-enchantment of Mama Earth. In the finding of Avalon we will find our way to Peace and Sovereignty; we will know that we are Holy and filled with the Blood of Faery and the Star-Dust of Eternity. We will stand with our brothers and sisters of Earth (all Beings of Earth are our Kith and Kin), united in the love and compassion for All.

May the Flame of Avalon burn at the Hearts of All: and may the Waters of Avalon quench our thirst for the Deep Peace of the Lands Eternal…