Sacred Place, Sacred Space

April 1st, 2016

There are places around the world that not all would call *sacred*. I would hazard a guess that Witches and Pagans see the world differently than most, and would call sacred many things that the mundane world does not. Today, I write of two of them, both visited on a recent drive from FL back to my home in MA (US). You will notice that this column is mostly photographs, as they speak much louder than anything else I might say of these two magnificent places gifts to us from the Goddess Gaia. All photographs were taken by Joe Stanley, Jr. and myself.

The Angel Oak, South Carolina, US

The Angel Oak is located on Johns Island, outside Charleston, South Carolina. This beautiful oak is one of the oldest living things in the country.

Some say She is 400-500 years old; others contend that She is over 1,500 years old. She is a live oak, still growing, and is over 65 feet high, has a spread of over 28 feet and covers over  17,000 square feet. The longest distance from branch tip to branch tip is 187 feet. Historically, She has been traced back to a land grant in 1717 to the Abraham Waight family, to whom She belonged for 4 generations. She was then given in a marriage settlement to Martha Waight and Justus Angel, from whom She got her name. She is now located in a free, private park, and has survived countless hurricanes and floods.


Walking into Her presence, for me, was a spiritual experience. She demanded my attention, my respect and my awe, as She is breathtaking. As I put my hands on Her trunk and branches, closing my eyes, I could feel Her slow, rhythmic heartbeat, and I felt soothed.

I would hesitate to say that other visitors felt the same.


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