Crystal Connections

Sacred Space In The Work Place

In a world that seems to be drama riddled and financially obsessed, its easy to become disconnected spiritually. I worked in the financial industry for 17 years until I had become so spiritually depleted that I chose to leave that line of work. I recently started working for a local therapist who gave me my own office and encouraged me to create a sacred space, so I did exactly that.

I have one shelf lined with raw stones, mostly for their beauty but also because of their metaphysical properties. This includes Carnelian, Garnet, Petrified Wood and Calcite to just name a few. Carnelian is powerful protector and also gives courage and helps with life choices. Raw Garnet is a great healer and has the ability to balance energy. Petrified Wood is known to assist with patience and trusting the flow of life. Calcite is a great energy cleanser so it’s a perfect stone to have in a therapists office.




Another shelf is filled with colorful, happy stones. Some of the crystals on this shelf includes Fluorite, Selenite, Celestite, and Amethyst. Fluorite is a great teacher of balance and has a wonderful stabilizing effect as well as being a great cleanser. Selenite is such a calm and peaceful stone, perfect for grid work. Celestite is a gentle, uplifting stone and is imbued with Divine energies. The perfect stone to aid in accessing the angelic realm. Amethyst is a stone of protection and purification. This crystal promotes love and is also calm and peaceful.



In another corner of my office I have a basket filled with my crocheted Goddess dolls, Quartz, Smoky Quartz and a few lovely Herkimer Diamonds. Quartz amplifies energy and attunes with all chakras. Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones and assists in ethereal manifestation. Herkimers are often used for dream and vision work. For me, this crystal emanates an absolute blissful vibration.




This is just a glimpse into my little work sanctuary. Every surface showcases some of my earthy treasures. My boss calls my office a temple, and I often find her just sitting in there absorbing the energy. She’s also been known to bring patients into my office when it’s called her to do so. Each and every person who has entered this sacred space has said the energy is so powerful yet very earthy and loving. It makes my heart happy to work in a place that allows me to honor and display these precious stones. If you’re able to create a little sacred space at work for yourself please do so, because once you have, you will start feeling a shift. Anytime you are able to bring something you love into your work environment, your energy starts shifting to a state of what I like to call spiritual bliss. Sometimes it’s just the slightest shift but that shift of bliss is contagious, and in this world our spirits could sure use more bliss.