Seeing the Signs

divination during a neptune retrograde

If you spend any kind of time on Facebook or Twitter, you will no doubt have seen all the minacious memes preceding a Mercury Retrograde – back up your files! Cross your T’s and dot your I’s! Beware of long-distance travel! – and so on. While fear-mongerers exist in every community, including the Pagan ones, I find it amusing that even the reasonable memes concerning Mercury Retrograde – such as the “5 R’s” – Redact, Renew, Reflect, Reevaluate & Reconcile – seem to forget one very important fact: there are six other planets that have the ability to move in a retrograde fashion throughout the year, and focusing so relentlessly on Mercury obscures many other important life lessons.

Right now we are experiencing retrogrades of the planets Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Later this month – July 25, to be exact – Venus will go into retrograde. These illusionary “backwards” movements all have an effect on our personal astrological lives and how we experience the world in general. For some of us, the changes may be superficial and slight and for others of us, the changes will be as catastrophic as pictured on the Tarot card “The Tower”. It behooves us to be knowledgeable of these astrological movements, especially as they pertain to our own personal charts. The more we know about our own inner spiritual mechanics, the more we are able to act with serenity and wisdom.

As someone who writes about matters of divination, I am most interested in the Neptune Retrograde. Neptune goes retrograde – appears to be moving backwards across the sky – once a year, for a period of 160 days. These 160 days are filled with dreams and visions as Neptune lifts the veils of illusion and lets us see all kinds of things we wouldn’t normally see. It’s almost like the tide has gone out and now there’s all kinds of treasure on the beach – beautiful shells, sparking rocks, meaningful designs in the sand. Just since Neptune went into retrograde on June 13, my dreams have become 100% more vivid and relevant – I have been communing with people I haven’t seen in years – feeling emotions and dealing with issues that I thought I had buried long ago.

Quite naturally, I am using all my divinatory tools – my Tarot cards and my pendulum most of all – but also my dice and the I-Ching and dominoes. I make note of all my tea leaf remains and even coffee ground remains! There are messages everywhere! I know I am going through major changes – I am anxious for answers – for exact details – so I pay close attention to my dreams – keep a journal – write down all my readings – and review them regularly.

This Neptune Retrograde ends on November 19, 2016 so there is a lot of time for enhanced divination. There are at least four more full moons – to intensify the dreaming process – and three more Sabbats, including the Major Sabbat of Samhain. So even though Neptune is an outer planet and orthodox judgment says that the movement of the outer planets are not as important as the inner planets, I personally do not agree. All movement of all planets are important in their own individual way and in how they interact with one another! Like members of a family, sometimes the quietest one can have the greatest influence. Neptune may be dreamy and illusionary but the point of this retrograde transit is the lifting of veils that keep us from seeing the truth. It may not be pretty. It may not be painless. But if we listen to the lessons learned from our dreams and seen in our divinatory practices, we will know a greater happiness than ever before.

Brightest blessings!