Crystal Connections

Creating Sacred Space In Your Home

In my previous article I spoke about creating sacred space in the work place. Since then my boss has had to close her business, so I was left trying to figure out what I was going to do with all of my crystals that were in my work space. I have crystals scattered throughout my home, but I don’t have a dedicated crystal room per se. My twin boys are grown and have moved out, which has left me with two rooms that have remained untouched since they’ve left. That’s when I had an ‘aha’ moment, why not turn one of their rooms into my own personal sacred space?

So I set myself to packing up my sons things (with my sons approval) and cleared the walls of all the posters and tacks (tacks are now my nemesis). After a lot of sweat and I have to admit some tears (so many memories packed into one little room), it has now been transformed.





As a thank you gift my boss gave me the antique dresser that’s pictured, it’s the most beautiful piece of furniture with the perfect amount of space to hold my little pretties. The drawers are filled with tarot decks, incense, books, pretty much any of my magical accoutrements that I didn’t have surface space for.

I turned my sons bed into my reading nook, topped with the softest pillows and my Goddess dolls. The bookcase headboard was also another wonderful addition to hold some of my larger crystals like the 26 lb. cathedral Amethyst my husband bought me for Mother’s Day.




My friend asked me how I decided where each stone was going to go? Honestly I feel as though the stones just go where they want to. I unwrapped them all and laid them out all willy nilly, and seriously thought, where in the world am I going to put all of these? I felt a bit of panic creep in as I imagined that I wouldn’t have the space for all of them in the room, so I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and just let it work out as it should. When I was done I kept looking around to see what I had forgotten but sure enough each stone found a nook and cranny to call home.

I’m still lacking some wall adornments but it’s a space that I can meditate in, drum, pull my daily tarot`s, greet and touch my crystals and really just be. Of course when you create sacred space in your own home it doesn’t have to be as involved as this, just use whatever space you have available, then close your eyes, let the energy of your space surround you and just be.