Finding the Pagan Way

The Search for Meaning…
After a lifetime of searching for answers and eight years of active involvement in the pagan community, I still ask myself, – “Why Paganism?”

What is is about these diverse, colourful and eccentric people that has inspired me and helped me to live the life which I once saw only as a subject for analysis.

In fact, was it Paganism?, or was it just the incredible psychic talents of my wife, Tina, which finally reawakened my own talents and launched me forward on my spiritual path? I suspect that the actual causes of my spiritual rebirth may be difficult to unravel.

Strangely, it was just before Tina and I got together that I started to channel poetry.

My first poem, titled “The Goddess Calls” was an answer to a prayer which I had made to the Goddess three years previous to this. The poetry lead me into deeper links with pagan groups and I made many good friends. Chance remarks from other pagans often lead to my trying out new approaches to life which brought me to a deeper understanding of my own place in the Cosmos. Techniques which I had stumbled upon or developed on my own, reappeared in new forms among pagan groups and brought both confirmation and the opportunity to ‘fine tune’ many techniques.

To be honest, there is nothing new in paganism which I had not come across in the mystical writings of most major religions. But it is the openness and tolerance of Neo-Paganism which leads to its followers often taking great steps forward in the spiritual and emotional areas of their lives. People are encouraged to find and express their own Inner Truths.
They may not be as elegant or as well written as the works of sages and prophets, but they come from the soul and they feed the heart.

They, at least partially, answer the human need for meaning in our lives.

Many groups encourage their members to become their, own priests and to take responsibility for their own lives.