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Party Favors


Merry meet.

For a Samhain event last year, I made party favors, copying an idea I found on Pinterest that came from Mug Pie Studio’s blogspot.

You will need:

paper in desired colors (I used purple, white, green and orange.)
small plastic bags (I used 3×4-inch craft bags with a ziplock I found on eBay.)
chocolate chips
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
candy corn
miniature marshmallows
a stapler

I designed labels, six to a page that was held horizontally – Monster Scabs, Ghost Poop, Witch Warts and Jack O’lantern Teeth – printed, cut and folded them.

Bags were filled about half to two-thirds of the way with the chips, marshmallows, candy corn and cereal – and sealed.

The directions from Mud Pie Studio suggested that the zipper part of the bags remain at the bottom for easy opening, but I thought it looked neater by stapling the label to hide the zipper end.

Prepare for compliments.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.