This is the first of a series of articles that will explore our connection to the Moon and how to use HER energy for magick and spiritual growth….

Part One

Lunar Magick: The Basics



The Lady holds her mystery

In silent waiting orb.

The milky white lantern held

In space of velvet night.

Sun king gives way

As she weaves her veil

Of star and ebb and flow.

She speaks not a word

Her call answered deep

Within the heart that turns within.


The Silent Moon is calling

The rite of the Hermit has begun.

Moon Phase Basics

Attuning to the phases and cycle of the moon connects the seeker to the deeper mysteries of the Universe and their impact upon our psyche and emotions. The lunar tides move in a pattern of ebb and flow, contraction and expansion and aligning with these energies offers opportunity to make that application to our workings.

Although Magickal working can be done at any time, there are specific times during the lunar cycle when your workings can be enhanced. One of the first considerations is what type of energy you want to use for your intent.

The Waxing Moon is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon and provides a crescendo or building effect. The Waning Moon is the time between the Full Moon and the last day of the last quarter- just prior to the New Moon and allows for release and the diminishing of energetic effect. 

New Moon/The Maiden

The New Moon is a time of beginnings and first seeds towards growth. New projects, goals and behaviors are all supported when given focus during this time.

The New Moon represents the beginning of the cycle of increased flow and dynamics and the first seeds towards eventual growth. It embodies the Goddess as the Maiden. Full, fertile and ripe with creative outpour and though lacking the experience of the Crone, has more than enough enthusiasm to seek out the many paths that could be taken. It is to some degree the allowance of nature taking its course, directed towards a goal of productive manifestation. It is the yearning and desire that is inherent in the Maiden that will attract to Her that which she desires most. And, it is this energy, which if with intention and correct thought is set into motion during this phase will blossom with the waxing of the Moon.

Magickal workings would include: 

  • Beginnings of any new endeavor
  • Fresh starts at old projects/pursuits
  • Dedications to a new pursuit
  • The first steps towards a specific goal

Full Moon/The Mother

The Full Moon is the peak and product of all efforts begun at the New Moon. Additionally, any working that needs extra oomph, magnification or energetic boost, will benefit from Full Moon energy. 

The Full Moon embodies the energies of the Goddess as the Mother. She is the giver of life and the nurturer and guardian that ensures that that life will be productive, fruitful and at the apex of whatever endeavor is undertaken. The expansive light of the Full Moon shines upon all under its sway and the dynamics of ebb and flow are at their most potent. Energy exchanges with energy and movement and expansion occurs bringing the highest possible outcome for all that it touches. The energy of the Full Moon causes things to happen and therefore is neither stagnant nor still in its outpour.

A beautiful full moon stirs our instinctual animal behavior. The feelings of running wild beneath the primal light of the moon surfaces in everyone’s fantasies or yearnings at least once in a lifetime. Some take up the call and find a primal nature within that lay long buried or was hidden by the conventionality of society’s expectation. It also stirs the passions within. Staring back at your lover with star-filled eyes and other-worldly light reflected on smooth skin ignite the desire to move and merge as one flowing being. Flowing in rhythm with each other just as the tides respond to mother moon’s pull.

With all this diverse energy and mystery surrounding the Moon is it any wonder that its greater mysteries are used to enhance sacred work. Dancing around a fire on a moon lit night, moving to the beat of drums is the nearest one can come to being totally absorbed into the Natural world. Mother Moon shines down to light the way that all may fall under her seductive spell.  And, as energies rise in response to her call time stops, as the veils part and the work of deep transformation begins.

Magickal workings would include:

  • Celebrating the fruition of a goal, desire or working begun at the New Moon
  • Strengthening a relationship, situation or personal trait that you wish to use productively
  • Strengthening and Reaffirming of Dedications to The Great Work, a magickal Path, a Deity or spiritual pursuit


Dark Moon/The Crone

The span of time from completion of Full moon, up to and including approximately 3 days prior to the next New Moon is the optimal time for release, cutting away and inner preparation. These 3 days prior to the next New Moon are also known as the Dark Moon phase.   

The Dark Moon embodies the Hidden nature, that if embraced in the fullness of the dark reveals what may lay beneath the surface waiting to be used and transformed. This is the Goddess as the Crone. She holds nothing back, invites you to look at the truth of your own reflection and then demands that you release what serves no purpose and what hinders your growth. She carries the wisdom that has grown through experience and she knows the secrets of the darkest of places and holds within the Light that illumines those who have courage to enter.

Using the energy of the Dark Moon is to call upon the reserves of knowing that are contained within what it is you seek to release.  This is a time for culling, pruning and preparing for the upcoming New Moon where what is viable may be planted anew, with greater understanding of the process that ensures success.

Magickal workings would include:

  • Uncovering what holds you back
  • Releasing a negative habit or energy
  • Uncovering your shadow nature
  • Healing and removal of blockages

Temple of the Moon: Ritual of Dedication


We will be doing three workings in accord with the New – Full and Dark Moon. For these you will want to establish sacred space and have an altar set up. We will be using candles to anchor the intent and flow of lunar energies and then reconnecting with each daily as we journal our experiences of the day. The altar may left in place for the duration of this journey or set up with each of the rituals. The daily re-lighting of the candle requires only the candle itself placed on table or desk as you journal.

The ritual crafted below is the first of our three and is very simple in its set-up, but very powerful as a tool of connection and anchor for the study ahead.

New Moon Ritual of Dedication – October 30.2016 in the astrological sign of Scorpio.

You will need:

1/Silver (or Black) Candle (New Moon)

1/White Candle (Full Moon)

1/Black Candle (Dark Moon)

Black and White altar cloths

A Journal and Pen to be dedicated to record your experiences

Set up your altar space with the black cloth on top of white.  This represents the New Moon phase with promise of full and waxing of its light coming to peak. The candles should be arranged forming a triangular shape with the White candle at center point, Silver candle as left base and Black candle on right side forming the base. The Silver candle on the left represents the New Moon phase (First Quarter Waxing), the White – the Full Moon and the Black candle on the left- the Dark Moon (Last Quarter Waning). The journal and pen can be placed in front of the triangular candle formation.

Establish sacred space in whatever way is in keeping with your path. Invoke the assistance of whatever Deity, guides or patrons you work with to inform and enliven this journey.

Standing in front of your altar, begin by lighting the silver candle. As you light this candle offer up words stating your intention of embarking on this new moon journey to deepen your connection to the lunar energies. Leave the white and black candle unlit for now. They will be lit at the Full and Dark moon workings next month.

Envision the orb of the blessed Moon shadowed now but shining brightly still despite the illusion of its shading. Open and allow yourself to connect deeply to the image of the waters of moon’s flow gently holding you as you are carried with the ebb and flow of the tides. Soften your gaze and see the strand of light that flows from the flame of the Black candle as it reaches out to connect with the center of your being. Envision this as the continual stream of informed connection that will be the place of deeper gnosis of the Moon and her mysteries. 

Take a deep breath in and allow this energy to move through you.  Flowing like water, reaching every point of your being. Exhale long and slowly sending that energy back into the circuit that is forming between you and the energy you have called forth to permeate this candle. Breathe in this manner of receipt and release, ebb and flow for as long as you feel is needed; ending with a long exhale.

Sharpen your gaze and return back to a space of clarity and focus looking at all three candles. As you move your gaze from one to the other offer up words of intent:

Tomorrow, at the time of the New Moon the energies I have set into motion this evening will flow forth and my opening to the energies of the moon in all of her phases will move in accord with HER cycles. So Mote It Be!!

Breathe deeply into these words (or those of your own) and see them as being held in witness by the guides, Deity or others you called into to assist this rite.

Offer up thanks to those you invoked to join in this ritual, and bid them hail and farewell. Ground and release your sacred space, again, in whatever way is in keeping with your path. And, lastly, snuff out the flame of the New Moon candle. I have purposefully had you do this after the release of sacred space as symbolic act of carrying these energies back into the mundane world of expression to be used and accessed on all levels of being.

You will light this candle each night connecting to its energies and adding to these from your own energetic experiences. Continue to do this up to the eve of the Full Moon (another ritual and dedication and lighting of the White candle) as you write your impressions of the day.

Blessings on your journey as we walk this road together!