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Goddess Temples in the U.S.

By Susan Morgaine

As someone who practices a Goddess-centered Spirituality, I decided to research Goddess Temples that are open in the United States.

The Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon

(Photo Credit: Temple Website)

The Goddess Temple in Ashland seems to be an absolutely beautiful place, one that has something for every Goddess woman.


The Temple dome has a large altar with a window hearth and space for dancing, music, prayer and meditation. Each season, the altar is taken apart and renewed. You are welcome to create your own sacred space within the Dome.

The grounds also boast a full ritual immersion pool, where the waters bubble up from the Earth, which can be used for personal sacred healing. You can reserve it for spiritual ceremonies, baptism, and rebirth/ritual cleansing. The pool is Kosher for those who observe.

There is a 12 foot tipi Moon Lodge to celebrate each woman’s lunar rhythms, as it nurtures your spirit.

There is the magical Faery Ring, complete with four standing stones, with 4 altars. The sacred elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are all represented. Beneath the stones are bones, earth and water from ancient sites in the British Isles. This portal into Faery is used for community rituals, Equinox and Solstice celebrations.

Any Goddess worshipper would love all of these amenities, but the Temple also has a *Center for Sacred Beekeeping* with Melissae, the Priestesses of the Bee Goddess. This is a Mystery school, complete with online and on site study. There are ceremonies, camps and weekend intensives.

The Temple offers tours, retreats, weekly and monthly events and holds an Annual Priestess Convergence.

For additional information, please visit their website:



Temple of Goddess Spirituality

(Photo Credit: Temple Website)

The Temple of Goddess Spirituality is a Sekhmet Temple located in the Mohave Desert. It began as a dream, was founded by Genevieve Vaughn and built in 1993.


The temple is small and is open to whatever the weather happens to be. There are four large arches, one in each direction. Gifts from Goddess-women, pilgrims and travelers are place at the feet of the statue of the Goddess Sekhmet. There are also smaller Goddess statues from different cultures.

On the grounds, there is also a Faery altar, a maypole,and a labyrinth. There is also a Peace Pole and Memorial Garden.

They have weekly and monthly events, including New and Full Moon celebrations, as well as the Equinoxes and Solstices.

You can reserve a guesthouse and arrange overnight stays in advance. There is also camping space available.

For additional information, please visit their website at:



The Goddess Temple of Orange County

(Photo Credit: Temple Website)

The Goddess Temple of Orange County is located in Irvine, CA and was founded by the Reverend Ava.


First and foremost, it’s mission is the empowerment of the female – woman – defined as “she who was born with a womb and the potential to experience the female blood mysteries”.

While the Temple is women-centered, it is in no way for women only. All are welcome to visit the Temple every Friday and Saturday.

The Temple offers women a spiritual home and offers several rooms dedicated to different Goddesses.

The Reception Room is dedicated to Bridget with information about ancient Celtic Goddess Spirituality.

The African Room and Oshun’s Lounge has a permanent exhibit of Black Madonnas.

The Asian Room with it’s meditation space and artifacts from Tibet is dedicated to Quan Yin.

The Sanctuary has altars to Sekhmet, Lakshmi, Durga, as well as to the Maiden/Mother/Crone. It also boasts an altar to Mother Earth along with Diana’s Grotto and an exhibit of Minoan treasures.

The Temple has a variety of events such as workshops and lectures by people such as Vicki Noble, Max Dashu and Kathy Jones. There are yoga classes, Sunday Goddess Services, and public celebrations. You can also reserve the Temple for a personal ceremony. An online course of study is also offered.

You can become a member of their community for a nominal annual fee.

For more information (and gorgeous photos of their Goddess rooms), please visit their website at: http://www.goddesstempleoc.org/index.html


Mother Grove Goddess Temple

(Photo Credit: Temple’s Facebook Page)

The Mother Grove Goddess Temple was established in 2008, in Asheville, North Caroline, right across from a Baptist Church.


Their mission is to “create and maintain a permanent sanctuary to openly and safely celebrate the Divine Feminine”.

There are public rituals for the ancient holy days and for Earth Day; full moon celebrations, meditation and religious education for both children and adults. There is also weekly Sunday ritual and some group classes, which are held at the nearby metaphysical store, Raven and Claw. Personal celebration and Rites of Passage can be arranged by appointment.

Mother Grove Goddess Temple is extremely community minded. Some of their programs are:

“In the Arms of the Goddess” – A charitable program to help those in need, no matter race, gender, or religion.

“Warm Woolies” – A program for those who knit and/or crochet warm scarves, gloves and mittens for those in need of them.

“Loving Food Resources” – For AIDS/HIV patients in both home and hospice care.

There is also the “Happy Bellies Food Pantry” and a Hunger Walk.

Additionally, they maintain a presence at Mission Hospital for those who would prefer non-Christian clergy.

For more information, please visit their website at:

https://mothergrove.org or their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/The-Mother-Grove-Goddess-Temple-50423998269/


Shakti In The Mountains

(Photo Credit: From Sanctuary’s Website)

While not a Temple, Shakti In the Mountains, located in Johnson City, Tennessee in a vintage 1904 home holds space for women. Women can come here each week to hang out, take yoga classes, meditate, and use the space for personal sanctuary and healing. It is a place where they know they will be valued and their feminine energy welcomed.


Shakti in the Mountains is available for rentals.

Please see their website for further information:


If you know of any other Goddess Temples in the United States, please drop me an email at [email protected], so that this article can be updated.

Thank you.


Susan Morgaine )O(

Disclaimer: I have no personal stake or interest in any of these Temples, nor have I been paid to publicize them. This is done as community service to those searching out Goddess Temples in the United States.