Book Review: The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need by Marian Singer & Trish MacGregor

Book Review:  The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need by Marian Singer & Trish MacGregor



First off, I found this book very informative and well written. I was quite impressed by the amount of information they fit in such a small book. I was pleasantly surprised. The book starts off with their explanation of what Wicca is. “Wicca is an ancient practice, a gentle, earth-oriented religion that seeks truth and understanding, and a way of life meant to affect inner change. Yes, it’s a framework for using magickal powers. It also involves worshipping ancient Pagan deities, and it recognizes the duality of the Divine as one force that incorporates male and female, both God and Goddess. It encourages respect for nature, stresses concern for the planet, and acknowledges that the life force should be reverences in all things, as well”. They then touch on a few good points including some “rules”, like not harming others. They explain that the book can be used as a guideline as well. Also in the introduction is what I think may be my favourite quote in the book. “The true magick of Wicca lies in developing your own inner potential and spirituality. Remember that deep inside yourself, you already have the power to tap into the energy of the universe and the natural world around you; you just need to recognize that potential and direct it”.

Part 1 is all about understanding Wicca, witchcraft and spells; with the first chapter of that getting into philosophy and ideology. It really gets into things like what a witch, Wicca, magick, etc really is. You learn a bit about some gods and goddesses and the Threefold law. A really nice feature that you start to see here is the “Wiccan Wonderings” They go throughout the book and answer random questions. It breaks up the chapters, as some are related to what the chapter is, and some are just random. They get into The Wiccan Creed in this chapter as well. Which goes through 6 points (preserving the environment, honoring yourself and others, etc.) This chapter ends with a Zen prayer that they tell you is the first spell you are going to cast. It is meant to increase a person’s energy and they ask you to write the name of the person who whom you’re saying the prayer for at the top. It’s a great way to end the chapter.

Chapter 2 gets into the belief, intent and the magickal world around us. With one of the first things stating that “belief is the core of any spell” They talk about how you need to find your own belief system, instead of what you learned from someone else. You need to develop your personal code and find an understanding of magick and spells. Of course, they talk about the moon cycles, which as we all know if vital when learning about spells and how you should cast certain spells depending on what phase the moon is at as “The moon, after all, is our closest celestial neighbor.”

Chapter 3 touches on creating a sacred space. The authors write about power spots, ambiance, casting a circle, building an altar, calling the quarters, and releasing the space. “The more you work magick in an area, the more saturated with energy it becomes. Similarly, the more you invoke the quarters in that space, the more protective energy lingers therein”.

The next chapter is all about tools and symbolism and in the opening paragraph the authors state “In magick, the witch is the enabler. A focused will is all that an effective witch needs for magick. Everything else just makes the job easier.” Then they get right into the tools of the trade, covering all sorts of items. A really nice addition to this chapter is them listing various oils and herbs, showing which ones to use depending on what you’re needing. Once they get into incense and candles they explain the importance of colours. “Science has proven that colors have a particular vibration, a tone that touches us in a particular way”. Then of course, they get into what colour means what. Lastly, the authors get into gemstones, crystals, metals, minerals, stones, shells and fossils, while listing the importance of each in this chapter.

Chapter 5 touches on spellcraft fundamentals, which gets into banishing, enchantment and healing. They talk about good luck knots, portable magick like charms, written spells, amulets, talismans and fetishes. Also in this chapter they get into adapting and creating spells from scratch and even give you 9 steps to help you create spells.

Moving onto the next chapter, it’s time to get into the types of magick. First off elemental, then kitchen witchery, which gives you the 3 ingredients for successful kitchen witchery (simplicity, creativity and personalization). A nice feature as well is there is a section on how to make your own candles. After kitchen, they get into Green witchcraft. “The heart and soul of green magick is an intimate connection and appreciation of nature”. I love how they have a part about sprouting spells, which encourages people to grow their own garden. Next, creature craft is brought up and you learn about familiars, spiritual signposts, power animals, totems, wild magick and incorporating animal elements into magick like antlers, eggshells, feathers, fur, nails, teeth and whiskers. Ending the types of magick you learn all about the elemental animals.

So that was part one. Part two is all about spell crafting, with the first chapter being on love spells. “…love spells aren’t meant to enchant of bewitch someone into falling in love with you. We all have free will and nothing can violate that will- not even magick or spells. The true purpose of a love spell is to enhance and empower your own energy so you attract the individual who is the best for you”. I really like how in this book they say things straight out and the talk about loving yourself and taking emotional inventory, figuring out power days and astrology. Then it gets into the 11 spells in this chapter.

Spells for health is next. In this chapter they get into the human energy field, which was very interesting to read. This is something that stood out to me and it made me feel like this is one thing I need to do to take of myself. “The energy centres are said to contain everything we have ever felt, thought and experienced. They are our body’s data banks in this life and are imprinted with our soul’s history throughout many lives. Illness manifests first in the body’s energy field, where it can be seen by the individual who can perceive the field.” This chapter contains numerous spells in regards to yours and others health. There are 7 spells in total.

Chapter 9 touches on a few similar subjects; those being luck. Prosperity and abundance. You need to think about what this means to you so there is an exercise in the start to help you figure that out. “True prosperity begins with feeling good about yourself…it is never an amount of money; it is a state of mind. Prosperity or lack of it is an outer expression of the ideas in your head”. I think that that quote is something you don’t always hear about in spell books. So I appreciated that they focused more on the mental side of it instead of money. This chapter contains 15 spells including one where you can create your own lucky charm.

Next you reach spells for lean times, which focuses on initiating cycles in your life and spells for fear. There are 7 spells in this chapter. The next chapter kind of ties in with spells for personal power, which again focuses on developing yourself. “To know yourself and to use what you learn requires an act of will. “After that they get into a section about The Power of Your Will that merges right into the spells. There are only 3 spells in this chapter as it really focuses on your field of energy, personal empowerment, the flow, and stretching your energy field.

Chapter 12 is next. Spells for creativity. I really enjoyed this section and they start right into seeing what your ultimate creative goals are by asking questions like “What do you consider the most creative part of your life and why”? “How can you apply your creative talents in another area of your life to get out of that rut?” And then they talk about breaking out of your rut. The authors write about dreams as well. This chapter has 6 spells.

Following creativity we move into business. “The quality of your personal professional life is intimately connected with your beliefs about prosperity and success. If you feel unworthy, this will be reflected in your pocketbook and in your work.” The beginning of this chapter starts with a list of questions you need to ask yourself before anything. It’s nice because they have questions for both self-employed people and those who work for someone else. There are 6 spells in this chapter, and there are several spots to read a little bit more about negativity, recognizing your genius, new ventures and goals.

Chapter 14 is all about spells for your home. Also a great chapter as it opens with thinking about your home’s unique personality, which some people may not think about. There are also 6 spells in this chapter with small breaks between them touching on several topics. The next chapter is all about travel, extending your energy field, dealing with people in front of you, calming a crying baby and creating space in your head. There aren’t a lot of spells in this chapter (3) but there is a lot of great material.

The last category of spells is all about kids and kids doing spells. I thought this was quite unique as there isn’t as much material out there for this topic. It’s great for those who have children and want to get them involved in magick. It’s pretty basic, but at the end the authors have a section with helping kids create their own spells.

All in all I would recommend this book. It’s well put together and is not only a book of spells, but has a lot of information for those new to magick and those who have been practising for years. The spells are generally pretty basic and the items needed are easy to find. I mean, it says the only spell book you’ll ever need, which I could see for some, but not myself. I enjoy having a wider variety and of course you can’t fit spells for everything in 209 pages. It’s a fantastic read though and for a great price and is a great asset to anyone’s collection.

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