The Kitchen Witch

Holiday Hash and Eggs

It’s the holidays and you have lots of holiday leftovers! So let’s make something fun for brunch! One of my favorites is hash and eggs. Of course, the easy way is to simply open a can of Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash and heat it in a pan and cook some eggs with it – which is always really good! But hash is really quite easy to make. Whether you have leftover corned beef, turkey, ham, roast beef or venison, mixing up a quick version of hash is easy and fun. I made this particular hash out of the leftovers of a turkey dinner but you can literally use anything you have on hand.


First, melt a little butter in the pan and sauté some chopped onions. If you have some green pepper, throw that in as well. Then add your chopped meat.



Generally, when you are making hash, you add chopped potatoes, but since I had mashed potatoes, that’s what I added. I also added stuffing from the turkey, which gave it a very nice flavor. There were also some green beans in there – why not?


Turn the heat down and let it cook until it browns on one side. Turn carefully. Then let it brown on the other side. While it is browning, make a hollow in the middle and crack an egg – or two – in the middle.


Then put a cover over the pan so that the egg cooks. This will take at least ten to fifteen minutes. It’s the same concept as baking an egg, only you’re doing it on top of the stove.


When it’s done, it looks like this:


And served up on a plate, even on my desk with my phone and my laptop, it’s even more appetizing! Let me tell you, it was yummy good! I can always eat hash and egg, no matter what the hash is made from! So use your holiday leftovers in a new and innovative way! Yule blessings!