Crystal Connections


Labradorite belongs to the same mineral family (feldspar) as Sunstone, Larvikite, Spectrolite, and Moonstone. If the protecting feeling from this stone doesn’t draw you in then the jaw dropping rainbow of colors surely will.



(image courtesy: Shijewels https://www.etsy.com/shop/shijewels)



Not only are these beauties protective, but they also heighten our ability to focus on personal issues without letting outside influences affect us. They allow us to work on our spiritual, mental and emotional selves by ridding us of any previous negative patterns. This stunning mineral is a potent magickal stone of transformation with its ability to awaken and heighten our mental and intuitive abilities.




It’s often suggested to place Labradorite on your Third Eye during meditation to receive visions of the future. I usually wear a large piece on a long chain because of it’s ability to balance and protect the aura. I also find that I’m drawn to wear this crystal when I’m needing a little boost of spiritual strength and grounding energies. Whether Labradorite calls to you for its metaphysical properties or for its beauty alone, definitely add this stone to your collection. No two are alike and you will be in a constant state of awe each time it flashes its brilliant colors at you.



(image courtesy: Shijewels https://www.etsy.com/shop/shijewels)