Crystal Connections


Ah Fluorite, a crystalline beauty that is just a downright happy stone. With purple being my favorite color it’s hard not to love a stone that so often showcases varying hues of it. Though Fluorite is known as a mental stone, each color has additional healing properties. The wide range of colors found in these crystals include purple, blue, green, clear, white, yellow, pink, red and black. Nearly encompassing every color in the rainbow, how could you not love this prismatic mineral?

As you can see in the photo that I’ve included here, the pieces that I have range in colors from purple, to blue, to green. Most are known as Rainbow Fluorite because they contain more than one color. The Fluorite in the lower center of the picture is my newest addition, its growth pattern is cubic and it has numerous phantoms within its cubes.



(image courtesy: Shijewels https://www.etsy.com/shop/shijewels)

Fluorite is known for aiding in mental clarity by removing any mental clutter, and bringing ideas to the forefront, allowing you to clearly see a path to fruition. Purple Fluorite is known to enhance mental acuity and purifying the mind. Assisting in psychic clarity, place Blue Fluorite on your third eye during meditation. Green Fluorite works well with the heart chakra, aiding in healing the heart of past traumas and balancing the heart and mind to ensure that both are aligned on the same path.

When I have a lot of projects going on at once, and start to feel a bit overwhelmed, I will often grab one of my Fluorite pieces to help me regain focus. It’s such a proficient organizational stone that I would be lost without it. Whether you’re trying to get things done at the office or projects around your home, or maybe you just feel like you need to center yourself, Fluorite is a beneficial mineral to have in your crystal arsenal.