Book Review: The Key to Spirit Animals from Communication to Meditation by Dawn Baumann Brunke


“The Key to Spirit Animals from Communication to Meditation”

by Dawn Baumann Brunke

“The aim of this book is to engage spirit animals in more conscious ways.”


So, the author says, and so it is.

“The Key to Spirit Animals” is exactly what this book is. It begins with explaining what a spirit animal is and how we may all have several spirit animals, as well as a lifelong Spirit Animal, which we can discover following her guided meditation. Ms. Brunke suggests keeping a Spirit Animal Journal and includes *journal prompts* throughout the book.

The author explains how we can work more closely with nature to establish a clear and close connection with animal messengers, as well as our lifelong Spirit Animal. As we strengthen this connection, we begin to communicate with the animals around us. This connection becomes stronger as we become more aware of our surroundings and focused on the fact that anything can be a message from our Spirit Animal or an animal messenger. Ms. Brunke gives suggestions on how to strengthen our intuition so that we are more able to clearly interpret the messages we receive.

There is a section on Shadow Animals, which represent our shadow selves, our fears and what may inhibit us from seeing that which surrounds us. Shadow animals force us to look deeply into ourselves and see from a different perspective.

Some of the meditations included in this book are:

Shamanic Breath Meditation

Meditation to Help Find Your Lifelong Spirit Animal

Meditation to Speak with Your Spirit Animal

Meditation to Invoke Animal Guidance

Meditation for Animal Projections

Meditation to Share Consciousness with your Spirit Animal.

The author gives examples on interpreting, communicating and communing with spirit animals, as well as integrating spirit animal guidance into your life.

The largest chapter, by far, is that which is dedicated to the animals themselves, what they symbolize, what they teach us and what questions to ask ourselves when we turn to them for guidance.

As someone who has had a lifelong Spirit Animal but has recently felt called by yet another, I believe this is a book I will turn to occasionally to help me to interpret the guidance that I am receiving.

All in all, this is a very informative book if you have an interest in discovering and working with your lifelong Spirit Animal, or just in communicating with the animals that surround you in nature.