Crystal Connections

Quartz Crystal



(Image courtesy: Shijewels https://www.etsy.com/shop/shijewels)


Sometimes known in ancient times as “frozen water from heaven”, clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones in the mineral realm. It’s often used for amplifying, balancing, clearing and cleansing but this crystal will also energize, activate and transmit. Quartz crystals are not always clear, some are opaque, some have hints of color because of an additional mineral, no matter the clarity it does not minimize or maximize this stones abilities.

Quartz crystals can be used for any healing or spiritual purpose and can be programmed for any specific task you wish to use it for. It will take your energy to a perfect vibrational state allowing you to accomplish the intended use that you have programmed it with. I frequently pair one of my other crystals with a quartz to amplify its healing energies. I’ve also added Quartz to my tarot decks because it helps establish a strong, clear connection to a higher guidance.

This multidimensional stone can also be used as a cleanser and it’s been said that it can hold an immeasurable amount of energy. I have quartz pieces scattered throughout my house as an additional cleanser to my smudging routine. Whether you use this crystal for cleansing, healing or amplifying another stones properties, all crystals having healing potential, your interaction with each crystal is unique. Take some time, meditate and discover the healing properties that this crystalline structure has for you.