A Time to Talk to Dead People Meditation


Samhain is famed to be the best day of the year to talk to those who have crossed over, and in this October’s meditation, we’re going to do just that.  Whether the dead talk back is up to you (and them.)


Before you begin this meditation, think about who you’d like to talk to and what you’d like to say.  What emotions do you need to express?  Are you hurting?  Angry?  Or are you peaceful and excited to take the opportunity to communicate with a lost loved one?


There is no wrong answer.  If you are hurting or angry, this meditation could help bring you peace.  If you are already at peace, this meditation could bring you something close to joy.


If you can get a picture, a personal belonging, or a gift the departed gave to you before they died, or all of the above.  You can limit yourself to trying to contact just one loved one, or to a handful.  I don’t recommend trying to talk to more than five or six in one session – it can get confusing and even draining.


To prevent the draining, bring a potted plant, cut flowers, and/or a familiar, plus incense/sage, crystals if you have them, and one or more candles in colors that make sense to you into your meditation space.  Spirit energy can draw on all of these things to communicate with you rather than drawing from your personal energy.


Smudge yourself and your space and declare your intentions that only beings of love and light may join you in your meditative space.  Ask your guides, totems, angels, and/or deities to surround and protect you during your meditation.  Then close your eyes, take three slow, deep breaths, and relax your body from head to toe.  Lay down if you it will help you to relax.  Visualize your throat chakra glowing bright blue, shining brighter and growing larger as your spirit and awareness travel into it.


Relaxed and fully present in your throat chakra, safe and open, call your loved one to you.  Tell your loved one what you feel you need to say.  You may see your loved one’s face or an image of something you associate with him or her.  You may hear a voice or just know the words or information the spirit wishes to pass on to you.  You may feel a warmth, a hug, or emotional sensations in addition to your own.  You may smell a familiar fragrance or taste a food or beverage.  You may also get absolutely nothing that you recognize, and that’s okay.  Know that your loved one heard you.  If you get any kind of response, write it down when you come out of your meditation.  If you don’t get any kind of response, ask your loved one to respond to you in your dreams or to give you a message in your daily life and to make you aware of the message and who sends it, and know that it will be so.


When you feel ready, bid your loved one adieu, and withdraw from your throat chakra.  Watch the shining blue orb contract until it fits within your throat once again, and allow your awareness to come back into your body.  Take three slow, deep breaths, then open your eyes and write about your experience.


Repeat this mediation as often as you like, and for as many departed loved ones as you like.  Make sure that every time you come back to yourself, you smudge your area again and eat and drink something to replenish your own energy and bring you back into your body.