The Global Apology Project Shamanic Journey or Meditation #1

Shamanic Journey or Meditation #1

Please see my related feature in this edition explaining what The Global Apology Project is!

In the Closed Facebook group I have started for this project we have decided to post a suggested shamanic journey or meditation every week, inviting others to focus on a particular aspect of this work. In this short article I will share Journey #1. The link for this group is:


Journey or Meditation #1 (posted on Sunday 26 November 2017)

Today I invite everyone here to undertake a journey to your Helping Ancestors and ask to be shown if there is apology-and-healing work to be done on acts they committed and never made amends for.

This journey is not at all meant in a judgemental way. Perhaps they were involved in things that felt “right in the cultural climate of those times”. Perhaps they were under extreme pressure (e.g. war or famine imposes exceptional demands on people). Our job is not to judge – our job is to feel compassion and apologize, unreservedly.

Perhaps they were involved in wars, imperialism, colonialism? Perhaps they stayed closer to home but were involved in disputes with their neighbours over land and marriages or inheritance?

When you are shown an issue – do your own work, following a method that works for you.

When it feels “done” return and do your own shadow work or inner work on this issue: do you, in any small way, perpetuate this issue in your community/web/family etc. today? Apologize and commit to making small changes, one day at a time.

If it feels right to share – feel free to share your discoveries here and inspire others – or seek support. I trust it will be freely given!

Love and Blessings to All as our group continues to grow and people continue to gather.

Please expect further blogs and updates from me as this project unfolds!


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Imelda Almqvist

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