Yule Thoughts

(image from: http://startliving-now.blogspot.ca )


At Yule the world returns to its birth, recalling the awakening of our primeval ancestors as children beside their Mother, the World Tree, in the place of origin in the deep forest, now long lost. The Mother nurtured her children, and reached up to the world of the Sky Gods, through the portal of the Pole-star.

This is why the Yule tree is still decorated on top with a star. From that world beyond Polaris the beneficent creative energies of the Sky Gods descended through the Mother to her children.

The trees round about the place of origin were radiant with many-colored fruits, each potent with a different gift for the children, and we hang multi-colored globes to simulate them at Yule.

As the Sun revives in mid-winter, so his (or her) memory stirs, recalling the first condition of mankind, and pouring out on all blessings for the New Year to come.

Thus, Yule is a celebration of the birth of Nature and of humanity and all life, and a promise of universal renewal, and the lights at Yule reawaken the solar memories.