Book Review – Paravision: Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance by Rodrigo Medeiros

Paravision: Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance

Author: Rodrigo Medeiros

Publisher: 6th books

First Published in 2018 but Text copyright 2016

If you are looking for a book that removes all Spirituality and Occult from Clairvoyance, this is your book. It reads a bit like a tech manual, as it has a new language for you to get used to. Words like: Thosene which is a combination of the words thought, sentiment, and energy, this is the basis for consciential manifestation. Or calling: Third Eye chakra the Frontochakra and the Heart Chakra is now Cardiochakra.

The central idea of the book that Mr. Merdeiros has written is to present a technical approach to clairvoyance, one that is neither mystical nor religious with the central goal of personal development (evolution). The author states that he developed clairvoyance and other forms of parapsychism through techniques, self-experimentation, and willpower. The author goes on to define clairvoyance as;

1. It is extra physical or beyond the physical dimension.

2. It is visual, and not auditory or tactile for instance.

3. It is a perception of the now, of the present, and not of the memory or premonition.

He further develops clairvoyance by dividing into two different types depending on the distance between the experimenter and the observed target: look clairvoyance is something in your immediate environment or traveling clairvoyance what was always called before “remote viewing”.

The author states in this book that prayer, mantras and rituals are also not necessary for extra physical vision. And, considering the long-term benefits we are seeking, those practices are not desired nor indicated despite its occasional efficiency as those do not help to increase self-confidence, self-radiance, and tend to perpetuate a cycle of restrictive indoctrination that prevents achieving a higher lucidity.

I have been in classes that taught Aura reading and used many of the same techniques that Mr. Merdeiros uses in this book to turn on and develop the ability to see the extraphysical body. He states that by developing our parapsychic ability that we will be able contact conscex (consc from consciousness and ex from extraphysical) energy of someone that doesn’t have a physical body, because they are either dead or they are at a period between lives.

It is an interesting book with exercises that will expand your ability to see that which is there, just unseen with our normal vision. So I will suggest getting it, and working with the teachings in this book.

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