Faerie Whisperings Oracle Reading


I use two faery decks to draw readings. The art of both is drawn by Brian Froud.


The Heart of Faerie Oracle- The Green Man

The Green Man is a deep and potent image of virile, masculine, wildish man, which is fitting for this time of year. He is a complicated, intriguing and unashamedly powerful. The Green Man of faery is the spirit of the forest, the wild wood, the untamed green. The life blood of all living things. The flower that break the concrete. There is a powerful healing force of just being near green, be it garden, park or wilderness.

His words are the whisper of leaves, the call of nature. His wisdom speaks of growth, community and connection. Every plant has around it a community reaching for connection. Every tree is a “town” of life, housing many. A forest is a “mega-city” teaming with interconnected life.

He says

Grow. Connect with others and The Green. You are part of nature, always.”


The Faeries Oracle- The Guardian of the Gate

When faery are too big or too small to comprehend sometimes we recognise them as a feeling. A sense of coloured light. This Guardian marks the place between. Watching, supporting.

To me (how you find The Guardian may be entirely different) she has a definite female voice. Sing-song as though there were tiny bells or wind chimes within it.

I hear it or become aware of it when a new door opens, or one closes.

She is new opportunities, new beginnings. Bright brilliant change, should we accept it. After all she can only hold open the door, it is you whom must walk through it. I see her often in reading shaking her head at those whom never seem to take what is offered.

She helps the transition between one state and another. A new job, or title, or way of being. Maiden to mother, mother to crone, crone to light. Watchful as she respectfully ushers you between this and that. She helps give clear beginnings and good endings.

She says

Make strong choices. No dilly-dallying. What are you waiting for?”