Review of Void of Course Moon Calendar App on the Galaxy S9+

Void of Course Moon Calendar

Installed May 29,2018

I have both a Kindle Fire and a Samsung Galaxy S9+. This review is for the one that is on the Galaxy S9+. I honestly looked for one in the Amazon Kindle Appstore. They don’t have one. They have all kinds of tarot, astrology and meditation apps, but nothing on the moon void of course. I will keep everyone up to date on when they get one. (I don’t know anything about doing an app, so I won’t be the one creating it. LOL)

Here is the Link to It in the Google Play App Store:


The author, Geoff Cooper, has done a good job of setting this up. He calls himself a computer geek for most of his life. He does have skills in many different computer program languages and is now using Java for the Android apps.

It seems to be accurate in the timing. I have only found two times when the timing was off by about 4 minutes. I did compare this app to two different sites and the current copy of the Llewellyn’s 2018 Moon Sign Datebook. I don’t just use sites on-line or hard copies of items. I want to compare the apps to everything that I can get my hands on.

I like this app, because it gives many dates all at once, but not the full year. I also like that the times automatically are set to your location on your phone. So that is nice, also, because you don’t have to consider that it may be for a different time zone. Most hard copy datebooks are set up for Eastern time and you must do the math to figure out your time.

If you tap on the date you are looking at, it opens another window that gives you detailed information about the moon’s status, the degrees in the sign that the moon is currently in, what aspect of that sign, the current phase, percentage of illumination, moon rise and set, declination, distance from earth, and the true node. So, you get good information. This information can be accessed on any date that is on the list, even dates that have already passed.

I am a scientist at heart and being that I was born in Missouri (the Show Me State) I need hard evidence before I will take anything as fact. That makes doing reviews fun for me. I am searching for as many references as I can find as soon as I download the app I am going to review.

Here are the two links that I used to compare the app against:

Judith Auora Ryan – Astrologer, Clairvoyant, & Feng Shui Master


2018 Printable Void-Of-Course Moon Monthly Calendars



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