Book Review – Moon Power: lunar rituals for connecting with your inner goddess by Simone Butler

Book Review
Moon Power
lunar rituals for connecting with your inner goddess
by Simone Butler
Published by Quarto Publishing Group
Pages: 208

Where the Moon appears in your birth chart* determines your emotional nature. Your moon sign indicates what makes you feel secure and what wisdom you’ve accumulated during past lives.

In “Moon Power: lunar rituals for connecting with your inner goddess,” Simone Butler provides information about the moon in each astrological sign.

“Identifying and honoring your lunar nature helps you feel comfortable in your skin,” she states in the book where she helps women connect with their primal, feminine, moon power.

My moon is in Scorpio and I devoured the 14 pages allotted to it. While there were some characteristics I do not believe I have (possessive and wealth-driven, but some who know me might disagree), the majority of the information was exactly right. I am intense, being in control makes me feel secure, I have undying passion and letting go is difficult for me.

For each moon sign are 14 pages providing such information as your lunar superpower, lunar shadow, sexual and karmic path. There is a page about Scorpio moon woman with a list of qualities, and roughly half a page dedicated to a “Modern Scorpio Moon Goddess” – in my case, Lady Gaga – and pages about an Ancient Scorpio Moon Goddess – for me, Lilith. Included in the information about her are ways to connect with her, her sacred animal and a suggestion for an altar to Lilith and when to visit it.

Each section also contains a new and a full moon ritual, things to do while the moon is in that sign, and questions for reflection and journaling.

Butler is an astrologer who follows the Wiccan path of her Celtic ancestors, but the activities, stories and rituals she presents are drawn from many cultures and are guided by her inner knowing. Butler’s intention is to help readers find more magic with the help of the moon.

Chapter 1 talks about the power of the moon, whom she calls “our cosmic mother,” and how to use it “to open our hearts and trust our intuition” so that we shift our consciousness from our head to our heart. It covers Luna as the soul mate for women, women’s link to the moon through her menstruation cycle. The influences of eight phases of the moon are explained: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent.

“Your feelings are the most reliable conduit to the intuitive right-brain realm. To coax out your inner Goddess, start letting your true feelings rise up and find expression,” Butler writes in Chapter 2, then goes on to write about connecting to that inner Goddess.

Your friends will want to borrow this book to learn more about themselves by reading about their moon signs, but you might consider not letting it go, because you may want to perform the rituals and try an activity or two when the moon is in of the signs.

* At astroalchemy.com, readers can find their moon sign along with a multitude of other “ancient secrets for modern living” and astrological information by Simone Butler.

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About the Author:

Lynn Woike was 50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae, Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can follow her boards on Pinterest, and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.