Book Review – Feng Shui Plain and Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Sarah Bartlett

Book Review
Feng Shui Plain and Simple
The Only Book You’ll Ever Need
by Sarah Bartlett

I love little books that present the subject matter in clear and concise form and engage the reader in a practical way so that you can use the information immediately. Feng Shui, pronounced “foong shway”, is one of those topics that has hoards of books available that often contain either too much or too little information. As the title of this little treasure suggests, this book holds the basics of Feng Shui and provides the “just right” amount of information to get you excited to start the transformation.

In these discordant times, we all are seeking ways to improve our lives and create sanctuary. The practice of Feng Shui has long been the panacea to stress, disharmonious environments and general chaotic energies in our surroundings. Ms. Bartlett provides in her Introduction a clear definition of what Feng Shui is and how it can be used depending on what your goal may be to bring healing and peace to any space…

….There are several different schools of Feng Shui thought. One, is based on a scientific and classical approach that uses astronomy, astrology and a powerful Chinese compass called a “Lo Pan”. Another concentrates solely on cures and enhancements, and a third is a blend of intuition and spiritual awareness. This book shows you how to try out some of the simpler principles of this highly organized system…..

Each chapter takes the reader through the why’s behind selecting to use Feng Shui in your space and the how’s to get started without needing to move doors, walls, sell or totally rearrange all of your belongs. The intention of Feng Shui is to tap into the flow of energy in a positive and supportive way in a proactive way that requires awareness of yourself, and your impact energetically on your surroundings. The additional component is that everything is created from energy, so those things we have as possessions also contribute to how we engage and interact with our surroundings.

The First Chapter takes you through the processes of Decluttering, Space-Clearing techniques and the principles of Yin Yang. Chi (energy) flows in accord with what contains and expresses its qualities and we are reminded that at its origins the Chi of the natural world was more important than that of the home. Of course, at the origins of this ancient practice, what was defined as “home” was organically more integrated into the natural world than what we live in today.

Chapter Two speaks to the origins and use of the Baqua, a prominent tool used in Feng Shui for assessing and mapping your space. The next chapters expand on the information you obtain in using the Baqua to assess and incorporate the Five elements. The Five Elements of Chinese use are slightly different than the traditional alchemical elements used in magickal workings. These are Fire-Earth-Metal-Water and Wood; each having their own particular attributes. There are quick lists and suggested cures and supports for each of the elements.

Chapter Seven brings it all together with information relating to each area of the home and simple fixes to bring a more harmonious flow of Chi into these areas. I particularly liked Chapter Eight and the charts to establish your elemental energy type based on your birthday. This may seem like a tangential piece, but the synthesis of all of the energies that permeate the home, inclusive of those who reside in that space is demonstrated to be an important piece of a (w)holistic puzzle.

I’ve long had an interest in Feng Shui and tried several applications based on books, online and more. But, this book truly lives up to its tile of being plain and simple, which is the perfect recipe for someone who doesn’t have a lot of extra time to spend in learning an Ancient discipline that is complex, nor the money to hire a professional. Kudos to Ms. Bartlett!

Feng Shui Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need (Plain & Simple Series) on Amazon


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