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Crystals to Bring Abundance & Prosperity for May

Hi all! If you weren’t aware, May is THE most important and magical month for prosperity work. May is the 5th month and 5 in numerology is the number representing abundance. Think of the herb Cinquefoil (aka five finger grass)…this is one of the very best herbs for prosperity because it has 5 blades or fingers. The number 5 also represents the four cardinal directions plus spirit. When working with crystals (or any tool) it is always beneficial to layer or stack correspondences.

Correspondences are any material, tool, or theme you use in addition to your practice. Some examples are using numerology, colors, herbs, symbols, working with Gods or Goddesses, oils, etc. The more layers the more potent the magic! I highly suggest adding some correspondences to your prosperity or abundance work this month.

I will get you started with the stones and crystals that will help draw abundance to you, but the skies the limit to what else you want to add to bump up your May prosperity work. May 5th is the day considered the most powerful (5/5) and if you can set your intentions and say a prayer at 5:55 either AM or PM on 5/5 that’s optimal. I set up an abundance altar for the year every year on 5/5. This is a place you can keep your prosperity crystals in a grid, some items to represent the 4 directions, and maybe a statue or offering to lakshmi or Ganesha.

I encourage you to get creative and keep in mind the most important component is your intention. So please don’t feel hindered if you don’t have all the tools. You could create a drawing, write a poem, create a sigil, etc. to add to your altar and honestly the things you create yourself are the most powerful tools of all! That being said, I highly believe that working with crystals are very important and effective. Read on to see which are my go-to prosperity & abundance bringing stones. Since I have written about many of these crystals in past columns I will keep the descriptions short and to the point. I encourage you to work with as many of these crystals as you can.

Congo Citrine/Citrine:

All natural Citrine is amazing for prosperity work, but my very favorite and the most effective in my opinion is Congo Citrine. It’s also more likely to be the real deal….meaning not heat treated amethyst which most Citrine you see is. When it has that unnatural orange tone it’s usually heat treated amethyst. Nothing wrong with using heat treated stones, but keep in mind you will be working with amethyst properties rather than Citrine properties if you use it. Congo Citrine looks and feels very different than treated Citrine. Citrine is the most common & popular prosperity stone and for good reason. Citrine is revered for ensuring prosperity of all kinds and attracting wealth to you. Citrine can even release any energetic blockages to prosperity, even from past lifetimes! It is known as “the merchants stone” and “the success stone”. Working with Citrine will help you to feel worthy of prosperity and open energy streams of abundance. If you can only acquire one prosperity crystal, this would be a wise and effective choice. I recommend for you to wear Citrine daily if possible, and to place a small piece of it in your wallet.

Yellow Apatite:

This is my go-to favorite crystal for ANY type of manifesting. I pair this with other stones to amplify the manifestation of the other stones properties. If I can pair this powerhouse with all the prosperity stones I can gather that would be optimal. Yellow apatite helps you positively use your personal power to achieve your goals. It stimulates the intellect and mental clarity. It also inspires passion and hope. Yellow apatite aids in developing assertiveness and courage. It also clears away confusion and apathy to help you expand. It is great to use when starting new ventures as it increases your drive to accomplish. Pretty amazing crystal right?


Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold”, it literally looks like a gemmy hunk of gold. The color gold represents prosperity, so naturally pyrite is a perfect crystal to use in prosperity work. It’s a stone of possibilities. It is the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck. It enhances motivation and increases your potential. It’s a stone of action and stimulates the flow of ideas. It helps you to follow things through to completion. Inspires creativity, clarity, focus and determination. When used in its natural cubic formation it also represents the four cardinal directions.

Green Jade:

Green Jade is the ultimate good luck charm. It’s been highly prized for thousands of years. This stone helps you to discover negative patterns that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential. It represents vitality, physical growth, expansion and new beginnings. Jade allows the divine to enhance circumstances of life to allow good fortune to naturally flow into your life. Amazing stone.

Green Aventurine:

This is the stone of growth. Growth of everything you wish to grow, including wealth & abundance. This is the “get it” stone. Use this to help bring about your intentions. The “stone of personal growth” will help you to grow into the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams. This is a go-to stone for any type of money magic and is commonly put in cash drawers or boxes to draw money in. This is a good luck stone. Green aventurine attracts luck, success and abundance of all kinds.

Tigers Eye:

Tigers Eye is a stone that helps you have the willpower and confidence to achieve success and therefore the abundance that you seek. Its a very multi-dimensional stone. It gives you the tools you need to shift your outlook and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It is a stone of discernment. With a deeper awareness you will have the confidence to explore and pursue new possibilities. Tigers eye strengthens your motivation. It gives you courage. It is a stone of physical action, giving you the momentum to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. In order to gain the abundance we wish for, we need to get up and ACT. This stone has your back!


This beautiful green crystal is also known as the cornucopia stone. It’s an increase or growth generator, helping to manifest and increase abundance in all areas of life. It increases profits in trades and is a talisman of good luck. It helps instill confidence in ones own abilities and helps establish a sense of self-worth. It also removes blockages that can hinder success or growth.

In general, if you aren’t sure which crystals to use for abundance, using crystals in the colors of green and gold is a great place to start. I would like to mention a few other very important crystals you might want to acquire at some point (these are more expensive & harder to find- but wishlist worthy!). These honorable mentions are cavansite, pentagonite, and hessonite garnet. There are many more common and accessible honorable mentions as well, such as ruby, emerald, and moss agate.

I hope you will try working with some, or all of these very useful and powerful stones, both this magic money month and throughout the year. Using your crystals as aids to manifest your dreams and desires are what your crystals are here to do. They want to be worked with and used, so if you have some sitting in a drawer somewhere, go pull it out and tap into the magic! Happy May!

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