Children’s Book Review – A Runtamuffin Tale by Melissa Taylor & Illustrated by Marc Beauregard

Book Review
A Runtamuffin Tale
by Melissa Taylor & Illustrated by Marc Beauregard

A Runtamuffin Tale is a beautifully written story that takes place on a farm. The pictures in this story are amazing. They truly tell a story on their own. This book is perfect for all ages, and all reading levels. Even a child that cannot read, will enjoy the story told through the pictures.

We join the story as the farm girls are bringing home some new chicks. We are soon introduced to Runtamuffin who is a brown and white chicken with red heart feathers on her chest. We also meet Nessie, Phatty, Patty, Sally, Scrambled, and Benedict. While this story centers on the farm and everyday living, I quickly found myself falling in love with Runtamuffin.

Runtamuffin is a small but outspoken chicken. She loves the farm girls, the other hens, and the farm animals in the story. At one point, we see her fearlessly march up to a horse stall and demand to know who lives there.

This is a story of love, courage, and being yourself. It is also a story about change (when new animals are introduced to the farm), trust (Runtamuffin and the hens learn to trust the farm dog), and family.

While Runtamuffin is fun to say, it is even funnier to hear a child pronounce it. This book is a favorite of my five-year-old. This book is a bit longer than most children’s books but has enough action in it that it keeps my very active rambunctious child hooked the entire story.

One of my favorite things about this book is how true to life it is. As a child, my family raised chickens. The things talked about in this book are real life things. You have to build a coop to keep out predators. Letting chickens free range can be dangerous, and the book shed light on this by using the farm dog, Bodo.

This book will make you fall in love, no matter your age. Runtamuffin is a chicken that will continue to steal hearts for years to come.

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