Book Review – The Hidden Worlds by Sandra Ingerman & Katherine Wood

Book Review
The Hidden Worlds
by Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood

The Hidden Worlds is a gift to “juvenile fiction”. The authors, Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood bring the wealth of their experience as Shamans and in the case of Katherine, as an educator, and present a story of fiction that holds a wealth of keys and nuances to be used for any young practitioner.

Sandra Ingerman, a world renowned Shaman, shares that The Hidden Worlds is based upon her own spiritual experiences as she entered the world of study and understanding the principles of Shamanic practice. Katherine, Sandra’s student, became the collaborator for a story that brings to life the natural wisdom of our youth and the power that they hold in affecting change for their future and the future of our plant.

The main character, Isaiah, is a dreamer. And, in those dreams he finds those companions that will become the cohort that takes down a power plant that is polluting and dumping waste into the local stream. All are connected by shared dreams and are drawn together as they meet at the pond in their dreams and find that the dead fish and birds, each saw in their dreams are more than portents of upcoming disaster from toxic waste.

The chapters are short, appropriately paced for many of today’s youth taste for getting directly to the point and quickly. Each building upon the foundations of basic shamanic practice and learning to engage power animals and journeying to the three worlds.

All in all I enjoyed reading The Hidden Worlds, especially as a departure from the traditional works of Ms. Ingerman that instruct and inform the Shamanic practice from the direction of theory and experience. That being said, this is an excellent introduction to be accessed by young adults. Environmental issues, spiritual growth and the power of community and collaboration are themes throughout, with the addition of a bit of romance as well. It s a reminder that we coexist with these “Hidden Worlds” and as humans we are not powerless when faced with the future of our planet, its eco system and those with whom we share this home.

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