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House Cleansing, Connecting with the Spirits of a Place

I recently moved into a new home, so the issues of cleansing and connecting with the land are particularly important to me right now. People can get quite fanatical sometimes about walking sunwise several times around a home before they barely set foot inside. But anyone moving in is standing on the shoulders of the person who recently vacated. So, I think it’s good to take a short space of time to feel what that person left behind, for it’s imprinted in the walls and soil, along with all the owners and the native peoples before them in layers below the earth. I very much want to know what those are before I cleanse them away, past life memories always built into these renewals. For instance, the previous owner here was a bit irresponsible, leaving debris down by the lake shore, a submerged canoe, a rotten trellis thrown over the stones. There is a certain discourtesy both to the earth and the coming owner in this imprint, but nothing severe. There are numerous weeds in the lawn, thankfully, so chemicals have not been used here. This would have bothered me far more than bailing out an old canoe. That canoe speaks of past lives as a Native near this place, too, something I needed to be reminded of by the spirit world, something I need to heal. Plus, I personally think it’s far more important to take time to bring enough order out of the moving chaos to have most of the comforts of a home back in place before doing a thorough cleansing (unless there’s a really nasty energy hanging around that needs immediate attention, of course). I’ve been here a week now, so this would be the perfect morning to anchor my spirit in here.

The first thing I always do at a new home I’ve been called on to cleanse is walk the land to sense the energies in depth. If any areas are particularly dark, I do an immediate healing on those. Then I walk sunwise around the home, calling on the Creators, Goddess and God, to anchor in, to protect and lead the owners as long as they are living in that place. Entering the home itself, I like to sprinkle flower essences in all the rooms, moving sunwise again. There are many essences or herbs that can be used. Most people sage a home, but since I’m allergic to smoke, I find flower essences work best. Sage is the wise woman essence, a good one to use. But I adore sprinkling Herkimer diamond flower essence across the floors (made by steeping a Herkimer diamond crystal, a clear quartz stone with points at both ends, in water in the sun for 4-6 hours and asking the spirit of the crystal to be implanted into the water, then stored in 1/3rd brandy in a dark quiet place.). This stone brings a new and sparkling energy out of the deep heart into the forefront of the heart to be brought into life and action when used medicinally. In a new home, it brings a heart brilliance into the rooms, a shift into a fresh way of life that is both heart centered and carries a new focus for the owners, a new direction in life. Other essences I like to use are: White Eden Rose, the Goddess flower, or Red Eden rose, the God flower, scattered everywhere to anchor the Creators’ strong love and holding power into each room. I use Love in a Mist very often, too, or Forget-Me-Not, both essences of the divine children (Love-in-a-Mist for the girl, Forget-Me Not, the boy), asking for comfort and gentle growth for the inner divine children of the new owners. Then I sing a chant or short song, which sends the signal out to the spirit world to complete the shifts put into place during the ritual. That’s it, quite simple, but effective in bringing in the thrust of change.

Outside any new home of my own, though, I connect more deeply, slowly, over a moon or more. I like to put my hand on every tree, feeling each one’s nature, for these will be my new friends in very real way. I like to sit on the earth in a power spot, a private nook or corner that’s especially lovely, and feel the connection with the Goddess rise up to hold me within. Before I leave any old home, too, I walk it counter clockwise, releasing the old connections to make room for the new. Here in my new home, I have many old oaks along the lake, some black, some white. I haven’t taken time to sit beneath them all and meditate, but I will soon. I feel their ancient strength, though, in everything I do, far different from my last home with only a young Rose of Sharon beside the back door. Oak leaves have a spinal imprint in their veining, so I know I will likely be building backbone in this place. There are maples here as well, so I’ll be taking some kind of action, too, for they resonate with hands, as you can see in the shape of the leaves. There are many lessons and strengths to be drawn from the trees of a place, always very carefully prepared by the spirit world for every owner, trees bringing exactly what’s needed by each person during their moons or years of living in each place. If there are other special features of the land, such as the small lake behind my home here, it’s good to meditate with these as well. I like to feel what each may have to say about beginnings in any new place.

And lastly, I like to take some kind of real action to make the new house my own. The first thing I did outside, on my second day here, was plant a small Goddess garden down by the water. It will be my meditation place. Then, in another week or so, I’ll be planting 12 small English oak trees, creating a nemeton here, a sacred grove. I’ll take my place as a Celtic priestess in a real way that day, the perfect ending of my transition here. I’ve already put in wildflowers I brought with me to put between the oaks, such as the foam flower in the illustration.

May all who are going through the utter chaos of packing and traveling, be blessed in your transitions and find peace, great joy, and spirit growth in your new abodes.


About the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She will be opening a school teaching light healing and the Celtic path of enlightenment in 2019. For information, please see www.CelticHeaven.com

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